Friday, April 30, 2010

Man of Steel This Sunday

The big push to get the RV engine rebuilt and roadworthy was because this weekend is the big Man of Steel steel match just South of Portland, Oregon at the Tri-Counties gun club. Unfortunately, all of the practice I had planned to do over the last two weeks just didn't happen as I was either working or under the RV. I managed two practice sessions, and that just doesn't do it. I just hope the new engine runs well and we have no more mechanical problems over the weekend, and just as importantly, I hope I've got the race gun dialed in and it runs flawlessly through the entire match.

I won't be taking the netbook with me as there is no WiFi where we are parking for the night, so no blogging until we get back from Portland Sunday night.  I only have the Man of Steel match this weekend, and a steel match at KRRC the next weekend before we leave for the European Steel Challenge Championships on the weekend of the 14th, 15th, and 16th.

I BETTER start practicing.................


May 2010 e-Postal Match is Now Underway!

The May e-Postal match is now posted over at Danno'd place, Sand Castle Scrolls. It looks like another one of those e-Postal matches that's a lot harder than it looks! This month's match has classes for just about any rifle or handgun you might have, so there's no reason to not get a lot of entries in and give yourself the best chance to win the $50 gift certificate from Cheaper Than Dirt.

These e-Postal matches make a great activity to encourage taking a new shooter out to the range, so why not bring a friend along and give them some trigger time, too?

Have fun, be safe, and best of luck!


Thursday, April 29, 2010

RV "Tune-Up" Update

The Toyota Sunrader RV is now back on the road, running better than ever, but it sure took a lot of long hours and midnight oil to get it there! The original problems were two-fold, a top end rattle, and it wouldn't run below 1/4 throttle. I decided that ,even though it was a lot more work and expense, to pull the engine and go through it from the crank up. That way, I would know exactly what I had, and I should be able to rely on it for a long time without any major problems. After pulling it apart, other things needing attention were also discovered, including a clutch disk and pressure plate nearing "End of Life".

The rattle, which sounded a lot like a collapsed lifter, except with the Toyota overhead cam and rocker arms, there aren't any hydraulic lifters. The rattle turned out to be a piece broken out of one of the cam chain guides allowing the cam chain to hit a bolt head nearby. Curing the lack of idle took a very thorough rebuilding of the carburetor, including cold tanking the major castings and compressed air. The front main seal was just starting to leak a bit, so both main seals were replaced. I ported the cylinder head a bit, but nothing major, basically just matching the head and manifolds to the gasket. I also cleaned up a bit under the valves, and took out a bit of casting roughness here and there. One of the things that took quite a bit of time was to individually wire brush and clean every single bolt and nut, and then use anti-sieze compound on all the threads when re-assembling. I learned a long time ago that whenever you throw something back together dirty assuming you will never have to take it apart again, you will truly regret not taking the time to clean the bolts and threads. You WILL have to take it apart!

I replaced all of the rod and main bearings, and the crankshaft looked better than a new one as it's journals were polished like chrome, and not a single score to be seen. The cylinders had absolutely no ridge at all, and a ball hone made them look like brand new. I used Perfect Circle chrome rings, so compression should stay up there for years and years.

In a comment to the previous post, Phil suggests the Weber carburetor conversion, and that is definitely on the list for future upgrades. Headers would be nice, but the stock exhaust doesn't look that bad, although it's pretty heavy, being cast iron. It looks like Toyota did some dyno work on the stock headers, as it goes from four to two, then the two don't merge into one for another foot or so.

To finish off the job, the stock rusty brown engine block was cleaned and degreased, then given a nice coat of medium gray paint. It's now much easier to keep clean, and it looks pretty good, too.

I've now put about 150 miles on the engine, changed the oil, and re-adjusted the valves. It runs like a sewing machine, but I'll feel a whole lot better once I get 500 miles or so on the clock. Saturday morning we head to Sherwood, Oregon, just South of Portland, for the big Man of Steel match, so keep your fingers crossed for us!

Friday, April 23, 2010

RV "Major Tune-up"

Our Toyoya SunRader RV at the Eddie Brown Memorial Metal Match last year.

It's been an interesting week ,and it's still not over. Last weekend our Toyota Sunrader RV engine started running poorly and rattling, and we were just barely able to limp our way home from the KRRC Steel match in Bremerton. I've been working on the engine at night all week, and with the rattle, compression being down just a little on two cylinders, and not idling properly even after checking the regular stuff, I decided to pull the engine and go through it completely.

The engine now has new rings, bearings, clutch plate and pressure plate, timing chain, timing chain guides, and timing chain tensioner. I also replaced the pilot bearing and throwout bearing.  The valves and seats are reground and the valves are lapped in with new valve stem seals. The block, originally unpainted and rusty brown, now sports a shiny gray paint job. While I had the head apart I ported it a bit, matching all the intake and exhaust ports to the gasket and manifold.The engine is now ready to go back in.

If all goes well, I should have the engine back in today and fire it up. I wasn't really happy with the carburetor before the rebuild, and even though I cleaned it and everything looked OK, a new carb may be in the engine's near future.

Of course there's no pressure to get this done, as I have to be on the road to Portland for the Man of Steel Championships next Friday morning early!  I sure hope there's no surprises when it fires up, but you never know until you light it up.  I will still need to get several hundred miles on it and change the oil and filter before we leave for Oregon.

I was planning on working on my shooting, and practicing every day this week, in preparation for the Man of Steel match. It looks like I'll be lucky if I can just stay awake through the match.............

Monday, April 19, 2010

Good Luck At Boomershoot

Next weekend is the Boomershoot Rifle event in Idaho, run by Joe Huffman who also has the "View From North Central Idaho" blog. It looks like there will be a number of bloggers attending, and if my schedule wasn't such a mess, I'd probably be there too. Granted, I'm not much of a long distance rifle shooter, but it would still be fun to watch.

Good luck, safe travel, have fun, and blow one up for me!!

Paul Bunyan Steel Match - 0 4/18/10

The weather forecast  looked like we were in for a pleasant day, and that's exactly how it turned out. By mid-day it was partly cloudy with the temperature around 70 degrees. What a nice change over some of the other matches we've attended earlier this year! The match went smoothly, and the stages were challenging, to say the least. We had a great bunch on our squad, and it was nice to see Mark (YARG = "Yet Another Revolver Guy") as he's been busy as a professional musician and hasn't been able to get to the matches lately.

KeeWee shot reasonably well, but not quite as well as last week at KRRC. My efforts to pump up my speed over this last Winter have indeed resulting in some times I could never have done last year, but the consistent accuracy isn't there yet. Ideally in steel shooting you want to have four good runs per stage, and one run where you let it all hang out, and if it isn't any good it gets discarded. I've got it to where I'm getting three good runs, and two not so good. I've got to turn one of those two bad runs into a reasonably good run, and I'll be in good shape for the season. I was getting some reasonably good split times (at least for me), and they were checking the timer to see what the better times were. Of the splits checked, the fastest was a .12 second split. If you are unfamiliar with the term, "Split Time" is the time between two shots, so I got off two shots in just over a tenth of a second. If I could only do that every time, and hit the target too!! As KeeWee says "Dreams are free!" I still have a lot of work to do before Man of Steel, but that's still two weeks off, so no problem (koff....koff.....)

If you are located anywhere in the Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia area and you would like to give steel shooting a try, the matches held either at Kitsap Rifle & Revolver Club in Bremerton or at the Paul Bunyan club in Puyallup are great places to give it a try. Maybe we'll see you there next time!


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Oak Harbor Tea Party Rally

Oak Harbor Tea Party Rally at Windjammer Park.

On Thursday I rode with a couple of friends up to the North end of Whidbey Island for the Oak Harbor Tea Party Rally. The weather was pleasant for a change, and there were perhaps 150 folks gathered there to listen to the speakers. I saw no signs of racism, bigotry, or other things that the lame stream media seen to try to hang on the tea party folks. What I did see was a lot of folks who are gravely concerned about the policies of the current administration in moving our country towards Socialism. Clearly, Mr. Obama and his policies were not popular with the attendees. After listening to a few of the local politicians and the usual platitudes, they got into the heavy hitters of the invited speakers.
Bob Williams speaking at the rally.

Bob Williams, a really bright guy, and a previous unsuccessful gubernatorial candidate spoke. Although not a dynamic speaker, he has a lot of substance to what he says, and as he was speaking I couldn't help to think what a fantastic speech it would have been if it had been delivered by Ronald Reagan. Following Bob Williams was the Reverend Wayne Perryman. Reverend Perryman  was dynamic, entertaining, and thoroughly entertaining as he  spoke about racism and abolition of slavery in the United States from a black perspective. He also spoke about the eventual outlawing of slavery, and told several stories from history that should be taught in our schools, but are not.  If you have the opportunity to hear Reverend Perryman speak, it would be well worth your time to go, as you would certainly learn some interesting things. Unfortunately my camera batteries expired before Rev. Perryman spoke, so I was unable to get his picture. Fortunately, I found this video on Youtube that contains part of his speech. There's also several other good Rev. Perryman videos on Youtube if you do a search there using his name.

The Reverend Wayne Perryman speaking in Seattle.
After the rally we grabbed some dinner, then headed home. It was a trip well worth taking, and we didn't even get rained on.......


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

KRRC Steel Challenge - A Big Success!

Friday morning Keewee and I headed out in our only slightly ostentatious land yacht towards Bremerton, Washington and the Kitsap Rifle & Revolver Club's range. Last week I had thoroughly checked over the RV and verified everything was working properly. Lights, brakes, furnace, engine, cooling system, charging system, everything worked just like it should. We barely traveled a quarter of a mile and things started failing! It started with a bearing in the speedo making noise, and things continued to break down all weekend. Although we had planned to spend Saturday night at a State Park Campground, we decided to limp our way home late Saturday afternoon before we broke down completely and needed a tow truck! For the full story of our adventure, check out KeeWee's post at KeeWee's Corner.

In spite of all the mechanical problems, we managed to arrive at the KRRC range on Friday around Noon, just as planned. I spent afternoon helping to measure out and set up the stages for the Steel Challenge match. With several of us working to set it all up, and with the use of the front bucket on the club's Kubota tractor to haul the heavy stuff around, everything was set to go by late Friday afternoon.

After getting everything set up, John Davidson, the Match Director, his wife Jeanette, KeeWee, and I headed out for dinner at a favorite local restaurant, the Red Apple Diner. The food was good, and the fifties decor was fun too.

Saturday morning  we were up and at 'em bright (nor really) and early. Thanks to the load of John's battery charger we were able to keep enough of a charge on the RV battery that we had a functional furnace for the night, otherwise we would have froze, as it was below freezing with ice on the surface of any of the standing water in the area.

John covered the range safety rules, and explained the differences in rules between the regular fun steel matches run every month and the Steel Challenge rule book. For the most part, the rules are pretty close, with only a few exceptions.

Of the eight Steel Challenge stages, there are only two that are miserable to start on, Smoke & Hope and Outer Limits. Fortunately, we had several stages to warm up before we got to those stages.

KeeWee shooting and John Mills Sr. running the timer. That's the new barrel and compensator I just built a couple of weeks ago. It works sweet!

KeeWee and I were fortunate to be on the same squad as James Austin, the revolver shooter, and it was worth the trip just to watch him shoot. James shot the fastest time of all the centerfire shooters, and he did it starting from the holster. Even the low ready centerfire shooters were unable to keep up. James is also an acomplished USPSA/IPSC revolver shooter, and is the current USPSA Area One Revolver champ, so his score at a Steel Challenge match is no surprise!

The weather was a bit cold for the first part of the match, and James had brought along his wagon and propane heater to help keep warm. By afternoon the weather was still a bit cool, but the sun had come out and it was quite pleasant.

James Austin just leaving the shooter's box on Outer Limits. He had several good runs on this one.
Photo by KeeWee

Mr. C. at full speed (.003 MPH) entering the center shooter's box on Outer Limits.

Even though it was a full eight stage Steel Challenge, we shot straight through without a lunch break, and it seemed like the match was over in no time. KeeWee's new barrel assembly had worked perfectly, and she shoot her best Steel Challenge time ever, good enough for third in rimfire optic class, and fifth overall. 

Although this was John's first time running a Steel Challenge match, his previous experience running Glock Classic matches and fun steel matches was helpful, and this match was well organized and ran smoothly. John Mills Jr. did a great job of getting the final scores out quickly, and it was an excellent job on all counts. Great Job, guys!

If you are interested in seeing the scores to compare them with your own scores on Steel Challenge, here's the complete scores, both overall, and by class. Click on the April 2010 Steel Challenge link.

It's just a matter of time before they run a full Championship level match over at KRRC, and as well as this match was run, I can hardly wait!


Friday, April 09, 2010

Off To KRRC Steel Match

It's Friday morning and KeeWee and I have our opulent land yacht serviced, loaded, and new-radiatored for our trip over to Silverdale and the Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club's Steel Challenge match. We're going over a day early so we can give a hand with getting everything set up and ready to go. If you've never put on a match, you have no idea just how much work it can be and how many little details there are, so a helping hand to the match director is usually really appreciated. THe match is tomorrow, and weather permitting, we will probably spend Saturday night at the State Park campground before heading home on Sunday. I remembered to pack my camera, so pictures and a full report should be here Monday'ish......

If you're in the area, why not stop by and check out the match?

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Root Canal Fun - NOT!

One of the real joys in life is getting a root canal, or, in my case, two root canals. At the same time! In fact, one of the teeth has four roots, and the dentist is "Root Canal-ing" all four roots, so in a sense it's like four root canals all by itself. Fortunately "Dr. Bob" is the best dentist I've ever seen, but it still hurts a bunch! Not only does it hurt, but by the time the session is over, I'm totally exhausted and don't get much done for the rest of the day other than eating a pain pill or so and (mercifully) falling asleep. We are on something of an expedited schedule to get these teeth fixed up before I start traveling, as I sure don't want a tooth blowing up when I'm far out of town. If all goes well, another couple of sessions and the "fun" should be over, at least I sure hope so............

W. Washington's First Full Steel Challenge Saturday

Western Washington State's very first full eight stage Steel Challenge match will be held this Saturday at the Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club near Bremerton/Silverdale.  The stages will be carefully measured out and straight out of the rule book so you will be able to compare your times against the times on the Steel Challenge website or any of the times posted at any of the other clubs who shoot Steel Challenge matches.

If you are familiar with the Steel Challenge rules, all centerfire shooters start from the holster and rimfire shooters start from a low ready with the muzzle pointed at a marker on the ground twelve feet in front of the shooter's box. However, there will be additional center fire classes at this match using the rimfire start position, so if you are a centerfire shooter and don't want to have to draw from a holster, there will be a class for you too. Entry fee has been kept very reasonable at ten bucks. There is no prize table, but I think you can win free entries in future matches, but I don't know the details. Since this will be all eight stages, be sure to be at the range at 9am sharp, or even earlier, so the match can start on time. Bring plenty of ammo, too, as even if you don't miss a single shot all day, you will need 200 rounds, and you'd be wise to bring a lot more than that!

For those of you somewhat unfamiliar with Steel Challenge, here's a basic summary. There will be eight sets of targets, or stages. Each stage will have five steel plate targets. The plates may be 10", 12", or 18"x24" in size. One plate is designated as the stop plate, and must be shot last. You must hit each plate once, and then the stop plate last. You can shoot the plates in any order you like, as long as the last one shot is the stop plate. The stage layouts can be found on the Steel Challenge website above. There are no really difficult shots at small targets and far down range. An average shooter can make all the shots, but the difficulty comes from trying to shoot them quickly! Adrenaline, of course, doesn't help either. You will shoot each stage five times, and your slowest time will be discarded, with your four best times being added towards your total time for the day for all eight stages. If you miss a plate and you don't shoot it again and hit it, there is a three second penalty per plate left un-hit. The shooters are split up into squads of around eight or ten, and travel from stage to stage as a group. All of the rules will be reviewed at the shooter's meeting before the match, and you can print out your own copy of the rules from the Steel Challenge website.

If you've heard about Steel Challenge, maybe seem it on TV, and would like to give it a try, this Saturday is your chance! In addition, you get to make history shooting in Western Washington's very first full Steel Challenge match. Even if you don't feel like shooting in the match, but would like to see what it's all about, Steel Challenge is very "Spectator Friendly" so you can stand behind the shooters but still close enough to get a good view of the action and watch the match unfold. Some of the best and fastest shooters in the Northwest will be there, so there will be some excellent shooting going on. Some spectators will find the squad of shooters with the fastest shooters on it and follow that squad around from stage to stage, sort of like golf. If you'd like to spectate, bring your own eye protection and either hearing protectors or ear plugs. There is no charge to be a spectator.

KeeWee and  I will be there, and KeeWee will be debuting the new custom barrel, sight mount, and compensator I built for her. I will be there, too, shooting my 12" barreled High Standard .22, also sporting a brand new compensator I machined a few weeks ago.
Come on over to KRRC and see what true Steel Challenge is all about. It's a blast!!

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Cheaper Than Dirt $50 e-Postal Certificate Awarded

The drawing has been made, and the $50 gift certificate donated by Cheaper Than Dirt has been awarded to regular e-Postal match shooter MERLE! (WOO HOO   ! ! ! cue fanfare music, etc....)

To make sure there was no funny biz in the drawing, here's how we did it. Since there were 41 entries, I randomly organized them all and assigned a number to each, from 1 to 41. Cheaper Than Dirt, not knowing the sequence I had assigned or even who the entries were, randomly picked a number between 1 and 41, in this case it was 23. I then went down the list to the number picked by CTD, and the shooter with that number was the winner.

The only thing a shooter could do to improve his chances in the drawing was to enter more guns and/or classes, which, of course, is the idea, to get you all out to the range blasting away at the e-Postal targets!!

Next month's e-Postal match is already underway over at JimmyB's place HERE, so go get your targets, print out the rules, and head out to the range with every handgun you can muster, and while you're at it, why not bring along some friends, co-workers, or anyone else that you think might enjoy a day at the range!!


Saturday, April 03, 2010

World Record Buck - (maybe a buck and a half.....?)

 Here's a picture of the new world record whitetail. It was taken by the cousin of a co-worker's sister's, uncle's, best friend's, son-in-law's, niece's hairdresser's, neighbor's ex-boyfriend's oldest nephew. Reportedly it will score 2603-1/8 by B&C standard and was shot in West Texas on a really windy day, 85 degrees down hill, around a curve at 900 yards with a 22 mag. Supposedly, this deer had killed a Brahma bull, two Land Rovers and six Jehovah's Witnesses in the last two weeks alone. They said it was winning a fight with Bigfoot when it was shot. It had also been confirmed that the buck had been seen drinking discharge water from a nuclear power plant.

Sorry about getting this posted a couple of days late.

Hat tip to Uncawho!


e-Postal Match "Seein' Stars" Results

The results are in, and we had 41 entries, a record number, which is particularly cool since it's only the first e-Postal match of the year, and the first one each year always seems to have a smaller number of entries.

We received four entries from the North Dakota State University Shooting club, and we we all want to warmly welcome them to our e-Postal match series. Although their scores look low, it turned out that they had to shoot their targets at fifty feet, rather than the twenty five feet or ten yards minimum set by the rules, so their scores would probably be doubled from the closer distance.

We also had a new shooter by the name of Ol'  Rich, and he shot some excellent scores. Next month he will be required to shoot the match in total darkness with his back to the target and a milk bucket over his head! Just kidding!! Excellent shooting, Rich.

Phil from the Random Nuclear Strikes blog took several of his co-workers out to the range and let them all shoot some entries. How about YOUR co-workers? Why not take a group out to the range for next month's match?

Scores By Class

Place score Name Handgun Type Class

Rimfire - Iron Sight

1 265 Ol' Rich S&W Mod. 41 .22 1
2 245 Texas Mike Browning Buckmark .22 1
3 165 Billll Ruger Mk. I .22 1
4 150 StahlmanGC S&W Mod. 41 .22 1
5 130 Manfred Colt Target Semi-Auto .22 1
6 130 FATWHITEMAN Ruger Mk. II 5.5" Bull BBL 1
7 110 True Blue Sam Ruger Single Six .22 1
8 100 Sandcastle SIL Ruger Single Six .22 1
9 70 Merle Ruger SSS 9.5" .22Mag 1
10 70 Merle S&W 4" Kit Gun .22 1
11 65 Henry D. Ruger Mk. II 10" .22 1
12 65 RNS Phil Ruger Mk. II 10" .22 1
13 55 Yemaya Ruger Mk. II 10" .22 1
14 50 Jade R. Walther P22 .22 1
15 45 Paula Ruger Mk. II .22 1
16 45 Bill R. Ruger Mk. I .22 1
17 40 Merle Ruger Std. 4 5/8" .22 1
18 40 Mr. CCBCC Ruger 22/45 .22 1
19 35 Mrs. True Blue Sam Ruger Single Six .22 1
20 35 Danno Ruger 22/45 .22 1
21 35 Kyle (NDSU) Ruger GP-100 1
22 30 Dylan P. Ruger Mk. II 10" .22 1
23 30 Ben (NDSU) Browning Buckmark .22 1
24 15 AJ (NDSU) Browning Buckmark .22 1
25 5 John (NDSU) Browning Buckmark .22 1

Rimfire - Optic sight

1 240 Mr. Completely High Standard 2
2 235 JimmyB Ruger Mk. II 2

Centerfire - Iron Sight

1 260 Ol' Rich Glock G34 9mm 3
2 120 StahlmanGC S&W M&P Pro 9mm. 3
3 105 Billll CZ-82 9x18 3
4 65 Haskovez Glock G17 Gen. 4 9mm. 3
5 50 Lyle A. Ruger SR9 9mm 3
6 50 Danno Sig P225 3
7 40 Sandcastle Queen CZ-82 9x18 3

Centerfire - Optic Sight

1 280 Ol' Rich Glock G22 .40 /J-Point 4

CF Revolver - Iron Sight

1 95 Moose S&W .45LC Revolver 5
2 40 Rob L. S&W 642 .38SPL 5
CF Revolver - Optic Sight

1 110 StahlmanGC S&W Mod. 66 6

Target Pistol - Full Optics

1 105 Manfred Colt Target Semi-Auto .22 7
2 50 Merle Ruger Mk. II .22 7

Overall Scores

score Name Handgun Type Class
280 Ol' Rich Glock G22 .40 /J-Point 4
265 Ol' Rich S&W Mod. 41 .22 1
260 Ol' Rich Glock G34 9mm 3
245 Texas Mike Browning Buckmark .22 1
240 Mr. Completely High Standard 2
235 JimmyB Ruger Mk. II 2
165 Billll Ruger Mk. I .22 1
150 StahlmanGC S&W Mod. 41 .22 1
130 Manfred Colt Target Semi-Auto .22 1
130 FATWHITEMAN Ruger Mk. II 5.5" Bull BBL 1
120 StahlmanGC S&W M&P Pro 9mm. 3
110 True Blue Sam Ruger Single Six .22 1
110 StahlmanGC S&W Mod. 66 6
105 Billll CZ-82 9x18 3
105 Manfred Colt Target Semi-Auto .22 7
100 Sandcastle SIL Ruger Single Six .22 1
95 Moose S&W .45LC Revolver 5
70 Merle Ruger SSS 9.5" .22Mag 1
70 Merle S&W 4" Kit Gun .22 1
65 Haskovez Glock G17 Gen. 4 9mm. 3
65 Henry D. Ruger Mk. II 10" .22 1
65 RNS Phil Ruger Mk. II 10" .22 1
55 Yemaya Ruger Mk. II 10" .22 1
50 Merle Ruger Mk. II .22 7
50 Lyle A. Ruger SR9 9mm 3
50 Jade R. Walther P22 .22 1
50 Danno Sig P225 3
45 Paula Ruger Mk. II .22 1
45 Bill R. Ruger Mk. I .22 1
40 Merle Ruger Std. 4 5/8" .22 1
40 Rob L. S&W 642 .38SPL 5
40 Mr. CCBCC Ruger 22/45 .22 1
40 Sandcastle Queen CZ-82 9x18 3
35 Mrs. True Blue Sam Ruger Single Six .22 1
35 Danno Ruger 22/45 .22 1
35 Kyle (NDSU) Ruger GP-100 1
30 Dylan P. Ruger Mk. II 10" .22 1
30 Ben (NDSU) Browning Buckmark .22 1
15 AJ (NDSU) Browning Buckmark .22 1
5 John (NDSU) Browning Buckmark .22 1

The is also a random drawing for a $50 Cheaper Than Dirt gift certificate for everyone who entered this month's e-Postal match. I will delay the drawing for a couple of days just in case someone's entry never arrived or I screwed up and didn't get you into the results. If you sent in an entry and you are not in the above results, email me  ASAP and we'll get it sorted out before the drawing, which will be on Monday.

A big Thanks to all of you who entered! The April e-Postal match has just been announced over at JimmyB's place, the Conservative UAW Guy.

Have fun, be safe, and do your best to beat JimmyB!!!


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