Friday, January 23, 2015

SHOT Show - Report #3 maybe

well, we are just about to the end of the shot show, and I'm just about worn out to, so with a little luck it should come out just about even! I forgot to load some image processing software onto my netbook that I need to edit photos that I take here at the show so that they are cropped properly and of a reasonable size, and in some cases that I can do groups of pictures and modify them all at the same time. I will have to get all of my shot show pictures posted probably next week, once I get home and have access to my main computers.

 Yesterday was a very busy day, and I kind of ran out of gas before getting a second post posted. My feet were killing me so right after the show I went to the first shots reception, and right after that went back to the hotel took and ibuprofen, and propped my feet up, shortly thereafter I fell asleep!

 Yesterday at the show some of the highlights included visiting with the folks at the high standard pistol booth, saying hi to Charles Brown at MKS supply ( MKS supply was one of the original sponsors of the gun blogger rendezvous, and every year they donate  a Hi-Point carbine). at the Ruger booth I took a good look at the new Ruger LCR  revolver with the exposed hammer, super light frame, and 3 inch barrel. The trigger action is amazingly good and they have redesigned the grip so it is very comfortable. It also has an adjustable rear sight. Not only is it small and light you may actually be able to hit something with it!

I stopped at the Chiappa  Booth and took a look at their three barrel shotgun. They now have a short barrel version of it that looks Like it would be absolutely terrifying to a bad guy!! I have no reason to own one myself, but it is so cool looking that I want one anyway!

 at the CCI booth I ran into Todd Jarrett  and we talked a bit about rimfire ammunition availability.  He says that nationwide rimfire ammunition availability is improving but still has a long ways to go.

 Yesterday I stopped for a bit at the tactical solutions booth and visited with all of the gang. We are considering what it would take to modify a tactical solutions barrel so that it could be mounted onto my high standard match pistol. I think that if we start with a partially machined barrel for the Ruger takedown 22/45,  it can be shortened up and finish machined so it would fit a high standard. That could be a fun project that would result in a really nice barrel.  In another booth I spoke to a fellow who manufactures extremely high accuracy 22 caliber barrel blanks.  That may be a good way to go for the high standard too,  and that may even result in something that I could manufacture in my own shop for resale.

 Today the show and is at 4 PM, and at 530 there is a post-show gathering put on by Michael Bane  to which I have been invited. Unfortunately, it is several miles from my hotel, and there is no easy and inexpensive transportation available to get there and back. I may be able to hitch a ride, but nothing for certain yet. I'm sure it would be a very fun get-together as I probably know just about everyone who will be there. However, I do have two leave the hotel rather early tomorrow morning to get back to the airport to fly home, so if I am unable to attend the reception/gathering/whatever  that may not necessarily be entirely a bad thing, although I really would like to be there!

 that's about it for now, and my next project to find a place where my phone works so I can arrange the shuttle pickup tomorrow morning to get to the airport. Once that is done, then I am off to the show floor for the rest of the day.

 More later maybe...........

Thursday, January 22, 2015

SHOT Show Reportv #2

well, I have survived a day and a half of the shot show, although my feet are not entirely pleased with how I have been treating them for the last 36 hours. There is something like 15 miles of aisles at the shot show and most of them are on hard concrete. Just about everyone, by the end of the show, has feet that are not in a very good mood! In addition to walking up and down all of the aisles of the show, it is also a fairly good hike from the hotel where I am staying to the show itself. It's a combination of walking down long hallways of various hotels, casinos, up elevators, down elevators, escalators, and cutting through parking lots to get to the show. And that if you take all of the shortcuts! Once you get to the show, the hallways and aisleways are packed elbow to elbow with people. Last year, the attendance at the shot show was a bit over 61,000 people. That's 61,000 different people, as they only counted each person once, even if they attended all days of the show.

 In one of the booths on display was a grand new Dodge power wagon pickup with every bell and whistle that you could even had special lockers on the topsides of the bed with adjustable racks inside that could be turned one way or the other so that they could hold either rifles for fishing poles. The truck was super deluxe in the cab and it had a huge motor. Even with all of its size and weight, the guy in the booth told me that it would still get 18 to 22 Miles per gallon. The list price of the truck was $60,000. I guess I will have to put off buying it perhaps until next month!

 I stopped by the booth for MKS Supply  and took a look at the new US manufactured M-1  carbine. It is extremely true to the original design, and looks like it would be a fun gun to shoot. It's not cheap, though, so I will probably have to by it at the same time that I buy the truck!

Everything is very expensive here in Las Vegas, including the food. A dinner buffet is over $25. Fortunately, close to the hotel where I am staying, there is a Denny's, and their prices are the same as at every other Denny's, rather than being marked up higher since they are in Las Vegas. a senior dinner was only $7.95. Much more in my budget!

That's about it for the moment, so I am going to finish my cup of coffee and head back out to the floor of the show.

 More later......

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

SHOT Show - Report #1

I wasn't really planning on reporting on the trip to Las Vegas and the shot show, but the weather conditions were perfect when my flight passed  mount Rainier,  which is only a few minutes flight time south of Seattle. I took a couple of pictures, and this is one of the better ones. It is fairly high resolution, so if you click on it you can see it much larger.

Here at the show, I just finished meeting with some industry folks, and it looks like there is a fairly good possibility that the gun blogger rendezvous may have a title sponsor for next year. Nothing is for certain yet, but it certainly looks like a good possibility. Keep your fingers crossed!

 I just heard that there is a free lunch for media people here at the shot show, so I am going to go exploring.

 More later.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Pre-SHOT Show Report

Getting ready for the SHOT show in Las Vegas, which runs most of next week. There will be tons of people writing all about the latest widgets, fidgets, and range bling, so I'm not planning on much of that. What I hope to do is to take you all along for the ride, so to speak, and experience the show as if you were there too. I also will be meeting with some industry folks that are considering taking over the Gun Blogger Rendezvous and keeping it going, a task that's just more than I can do by myself. I won't be at the show for the Monday Range Day, but I will be there for the show from Tuesday afternoon through closing on Friday night. Keep an eye on and also here for my Shot Show posts.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Obama the Most Successful PREZ?

Anybody want to comment on this?

Friday, January 09, 2015

Gun Blogger Rendezvous - R.I.P. --- Maybe Not?

The demise of the Gun Blogger rendezvous may not happen, after all, at least I hope not. At least there is a small ray of hope. I will be meeting with some great folks at the SHOT show who may be interested in keeping the Rendezvous going. No one has made any commitments whatever, but some interest has been shown, and we are going to have a meeting to discuss possibilities.

If I have good news to report, I will try to get a post up sometime Wednesday afternoon, the 21st. of January from the press room at the show.

It's kind of a long shot, but you never know......

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