Monday, April 21, 2014

Yep, I'm back, more or less......

It's been an interesting three plus weeks, to say the least! About two or three days agao I finally turned the corner and started to show progress in recovery. I'm still really weak and get itred out easily, but each day of the last three has shown noticeable improvement. I can now walk around a bit, and get in and out of bed unassisted. We went to the surgeon this morning and had the incisions checked over, and everything is healing up well. Thanks to everyone who emailed or commented with best wishes. That meant a lot when I was at the really low points in this adventure.


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mr Completely is home. Update by Keewee

Mike is home from the hospital, and on the long road to recovery. Right now he is feeling the effects of not getting a quality night's sleep, which could be the medications, or one of the things expected as written below. We will know more after a visit with the surgeon on Monday.
According to the paperwork sent home from the hospital with us, things to expect after bypass surgery, amongst others, could be fatigue, (tiredness), mood swings, or depression. Problems sleeping or loss of appetite.
Full recovery from traditional bypass may take 6-12 weeks or more. It varies from person to person

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Update on Mike's condition.

Mike went back into the hospital on Wednesday afternoon. He was dehydrated from Nausea, had anxiety, and some other issues which had to be addressed. I spoke to him earlier today, and he told me he was feeling very tired. It is good he is being kept in the hospital until he feels better, and the medications are working to make him comfortable.
I look forward to him being back home, I hope it is soon.
Jennifer AKA Keewee

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Important information.

I am posting for Mike, just to let everyone know, that he is in the hospital after undergoing triple bypass surgery.
Mike wants you to know that he hopes to have all the events planned this year, including GBR 2014 up and running.
It will be a long road to recovery, but he will do well.


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