Wednesday, January 16, 2013

SHOT Show day two report

Day two at that shot show went pretty much the same as day one,except that I forgot to take my camera with me, so no photos today. I started the morning in the press room with a cup of coffee and set up the computer to get onto the Internet to get my first blog post of the day posted. For some reason, I could get a connection to the Wi-Fi Internet and it showed a strong signal, but it did not want to send or receive anything. Very puzzling. I tried several different things, but it did not want to cooperate.I finally gave up, packed everything back into my camera bag, and headed downstairs to the show.

The size of the shot show is mind boggling. It is said that there is a total of 15 miles of files if you measured every single aisle from end to end  and front to back. Not only is there a lot of walking to be done in the show itself, it is also a fairly long walk to get from the hotel to the show and back feet held up pretty well for the first day of the show, but today, the second day, it was a different matter. It feels like both feet are solid bruise on the bottoms! I decided to return to the  hotel room, take a couple of ibuprofen, and propped my feet up. Getting off of my feet plus the ibuprofen has made quite a difference. We have a "Wi-Fi hotspot" here in the hotel room, and I tried connecting to the Internet with that, and it works just fine. I have no idea why it would not connect in the press room. I have now managed to read and answer some of my emails, and put together a short post so you all would know that I had not disappeared here in Las Vegas!

Tomorrow is day three of the show, and after what I hope is a good nights sleep tonight, we will hit it again in the morning.

More blog posts in the morning from the press room, I hope!


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