Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Misc and more misc......

well, it's been almost 24 hours since I threw the switch on the furnace and it has been working just fine. I'm keeping my fingers crossed though,  since the furnace had been sitting for a couple of years before I fired it back up. This morning, when the thermostat called for heat, the furnace lit right up and warm the house up nicely.

Right now the weather outside is wet sloppy and rain and a little bit of hail so it is not a nice day to be outside. I just got back from the range, where I went to try a new load for the Tanfolio 9 mm.  Race gun. I had been having all kinds of problems with this load, but on paper, it looked like it should work fine. It turns out that the problem was caused by some old primers that I was using, and the load itself was okay  after all.

I have also been experimenting with a guide ride and spring assembly made by Sprinco.  it uses a secondary offer spring in addition to the regular spring on the guide rod. This allows the primary spring to be lighter so that the gun will cycle with a lighter load yet when the slide reaches the end of its travel rearward, the secondary spring  comes into play,  bringing the slide to a stop and absorbing the rest of the energy.  The secondary spring  also gives the slide a bit of an extra push to get it started moving forward a bit more quickly, since it is a stiffer spring.  Eric  Grauffels,  the amazing French shooter, uses the Sprinco guide rod, and was involved in the development and testing.  if it is good enough for Eric's Tanfoglio, then it is certainly good enough for mine!

 I am hoping to give the new guide rod and spring assembly a thorough testing this Saturday at the steel match at KRRC. I hope the weather isn't too ugly, as they are forecasting snow for this weekend.


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