Tuesday, January 15, 2013

SHOT Show Day 1 Part 2

Part of the fun the shot show is all of the interesting people that you see. Here is a pictureof quick Cal Eilrich and yours truly at the cowboy action SASS booth. I got  a chance to visit with Tori Nonaka,  and also, talk to KC Esubio. perhaps the best part of all, was getting a chance to spend some time with Eric
grauffels, talking about the finer points of tuning a Tanfolio 9 mm race gun for steel challenge shooting. it sounds like this may be the year that Eric will also show up at the European steel challenge championships in Holland. Although it is too soon to say for sure, it is very possible that one of the biggest names in shooting will be there in Holland with us this year too.

At the moment I am dictating this in the press room and it is quite noisy in here but even with all of the noise Dragon Naturally Speaking seems to be doing a pretty good job. I am going to go refill my coffee cup, and head back out to the show to see more of the booths for later….

uick can tell rich and yours truly at the SASS Booth.


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