Thursday, January 17, 2013

SHOT show day three report one

After a pretty good but rather expensive breakfast with my friend Nelson the two of us walked to the shot show. I went directly to the press room and set up the netbook computer to see if I could get it to go online today. After some fiddling around and eventually removing or disabling at least data encryption now it seems to log on and work like it should. I have no idea why it worked just fine on the first day yesterday it wouldn't work. Who knows. At least it is running, I can now check my emails,and I can get a post or so up from time to time to let everyone know how the show is going.I have contacted most of the businesses companies and people that I had on my list of contacts that I needed to make and I have only three or four left to go. I should be able to get all of the rest of the business transactions completed today and any loose ends at turn up handle them tomorrow. Time to put the computer away, and head down to the show floor.

 More later.….


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