Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Here's a video from last month's Holmes Harbor Rod & Gun Club's steel match.

This stage was so much fun we've decided to run it again this month. There might be a little twist to it, but it's still going to be lots of "How fast can you go" shooting! Come join us at 9am. either Saturday, December 22nd., or Sunday, December 23rd. for six stages of fun on steel. Better yet, why not shoot BOTH matches?


At Tuesday, December 18, 2012 8:26:00 PM, Blogger David aka True Blue Sam said...

I wish we lived a bit closer together; half a continent is a bit far to travel for weekend shooting. I have joined the Carmi Rifle Club, and it is only 35 miles away. Susan and her mother went with me to the shoot last week, and Susan will soon be participating now that I have her Mk III tricked out for her.

I hope that you and Kee Wee have a wonderful Christmas. Mom and I had a great range trip today, even if we both froze out.


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