Wednesday, December 12, 2012

KRRC December Steel Match

Saturday morning early I loaded up the car with my range gear, guns, ammo and warm clothes to head over to the Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club  for the six stage fun steel match. The weather did not look very promising on Saturday morning as we were driving to Keystone to catch the ferry to Port Townsend. There was heavy hail, and at times the road was totally covered with hail, making driving very interesting. One time, when I applied the brakes to slow down for an upcoming corner, the car just continued straight ahead as if I had not applied the brakes. Fortunately, the hail was concentrated in small areas, and the rest of the drive was uneventful.

KeeWee had to work on Saturday morning, so she wasn't able to make the trip.  Steve from the Holmes Harbor Rod and Gun Club decided  to come along and shoot in the Rimfire Open class and also the Rimfire Rifle class. I planned to shoot Rimfire Open and Centerfire Open.

Steve is fairly new to steel shooting, but he is a very experienced at metallic silhouette shooter. It is said that  most of shooting boils down to trigger control, and Steve, being a champion metallic shooter, is very good at trigger control. The one aspect that Steve has not worked on much is his speed. In metallic silhouette there is no rush take each shot.  You have plenty of time. However, it seems that with very little effort Steve is able to pump up his speed and combine that with the accuracy that he already has, and the results are very good.

When we reached the match, it was dry, and it stayed dry all day. Although it was a  bit cold, there was no wind  blowing, so it did not seem nearly as cold as it actually was. considering the time of year, it was encouraging to see 60 entries in the match. We had a fun squad, and the day went by very quickly. I still don't have the loads properly figured out for my Tanfoglio 9mm., but I'm getting closer.

After the match, several of us went to a local restaurant for lunch. After a bite to eat, we headed home. The  road conditions had improved considerably, and the drive back was not nearly the white knuckle adventure it was on the way to the match!

By the time I arrived home it had been a very long day, and when I crawled into bed I was pretty much worn out. It had been a very good day, with Steve and I finishing well in the final results. The match results are posted at South  Whidbey Action Pistol website.


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