Sunday, December 02, 2012

Something for Everyone - Richard Brauer

I've known Richard Brauer for quite a few years now, and I have to admit, we've had some pretty good discussions on politics, guns, Conservatives, Liberals, and so forth. Richard has been writing short stories and novels as long as I've known him, and from time to time he'd give me a draft of a story to see how I liked it. Richard strives for accuracy in details, and I've helped a little when it comes to firearms, For example, he wanted to have a GLOCK in one of his stories, so I took several GLOCKS out to the range and let Richard shoot them so he'd know first hand about them. Richard has plenty of firearms, hunting and  and shooting experience, but hadn't handled a GLOCK.

Richard takes his craft seriously, writing almost every day, and studying with other writers and experts to better his skills. Unfortunately, success as a novelist or short story author depends as much on who you know as it does on how well you can write. How many time was Gone With The Wind rejected? Quite a few!

Richard has sold a few stories and has had a few things published, but not a large amount. Fortunately, Richard is retired and has the time to write, and doesn't have to punch a time clock every day. With this new Internet thingie, now there is a way to get your stuff published without having any special connections in the industry.

Richard has put together a book of short stories, and it's now available in Kindle edition on Amazon,com 

I've read some of the stories already, and Richard is definitely a good story teller and ingenious plot inventor. Some of his stories seem to just get you hooked, and then they are over. Sometimes I think some of the short stories are actually the beginning of a complete novel yet unwritten. Hopefully with a little encouragement Richard will write the full novel, if that's the case!

Why not go have a look and Richard's work. There's some of the book there you can read on Amazon, so why not $4.99 and read the whole thing! I enjoy his writing, and I think you will too!


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