Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Ephrata Steel Match News

Happy December!! Here we are at the end of the year and we are still shooting!! Join us for our regular shoot on Saturday the 8th.

As always, sign-ups will be at 8ish and shooters meeting will be at 9. Both of my weather apps are calling for reasonably clear and cold. Dress appropriately. Lunch to follow, probably something warm!

The class that some of you have signed up for following lunch will be inside the indoor range so don't worry about the weather for that one. Any help setting up and tearing down is greatly appreciated. We bought 5 targets and stands that are yours to use. They are in the first new bay, next to the clubhouse. All we ask is that after you have used them please set the targets back down on the berm and lay the stands over.

These targets are available to sponsor, $50. We will be adding more as we go and as sponsors step forward to help us out.

Grant Galbreath

Steel Challenge Co-Chairman


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