Thursday, November 22, 2012

Steel Match This Weekend At HHRGC

This weekend at Holmes Harbor rod & Gun Club there will be a six stage steel match on Saturday, and another full six stage steel match on Sunday.

Entry fee is $5 per gun, and you can enter up to 3 classes if you want. Setup is at 8:00 am each day, with signup at 9:00am. Shooter's rules and safety meeting is at 9:45am. The match end time will depend on the number of shooters and the weather, but around 2 to 2:30pm should be a pretty good guess.

After the match a number of us will be retiring to the club's restaurant and bar :The Pine Tree Room" for after match food and refreshments. Feel free to join us!

I was out on the range this afternoon, and the large mud puddle at the far end of bay three is just about gone, and at it's deepest it's only 3 or 4 inches deep. If the rain is minimal, it should be just about gone by Saturday. If not, we just shoot over it! The range is in very good condition, particularly considering just how hard it rained.

I have built a moveable target stand out of heavy PVC pipe and put it in bay one. It uses two 1x2's four feet long as uprights. They are exactly 18" apart, so if you want to shoot at a target or pie plate, bring a piece of 18" wide cardboard maybe 24" tall or more, your staple gun to staple the cardboard to the uprights, and whatever target or pie plate you want for a target. A USPSA/IPSC target fits perfectly.

PLEASE do not shoot up the 1x2 uprights. They are not a target. Put your targets between them on the cardboard. Do not staple your target directly to the uprights. Thanks!

The PVC pipe stand seems to work well, but it was over $20 in pipe fittings, so I am working on a less expensive version out of 2x4's and PVC pipe. Once I get enough of them built, those of you wanting to practice for USPSA, IDPA, IPSC, or SASS will have the target stands to do so.

We still need a few more of the plastic barrels, so if you come across any, please bring them down to the range, or drop me an email and I'll arrange to have them picked up.

Hope to see you all this weekend, Saturday November 24th (Day after tomorrow!)  and Sunday the 25th  for some steel shooting!



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