Tuesday, December 04, 2012

New Steel Class at Holmes Harbor RGC

At our last steel match at Holmes Harbor Rod & Gun club here on Whidbey Island Ron Wigger from the Paul Bunyan club in Puyallup, WA asked what class should he use to enter his Ruger Single Action Vaquero revolver. He had a leather cowboy style holster to draw from. I told Ron

 "We don't have a class for that specifically, but ..... NOW WE DO!"

It's kinda cool being a match director!

The class does exist in Steel Challenge rules, so I decided to add it to our local club steel rules. The basic class rules are:
  • Six shot single action uncompensated centerfire revolver
  • Iron Sights - Fiber optics allowed.
  • Start position same as Centerfire Limited and Open
  • Cowboy style leather holsters. No plastic, no steel liners.

If you really wanted to get in a lot of shooting, you could also enter your single action revolver in the Iron Sight Revolver class, and also enter it in the Centerfire - Low Ready class!

If you are planning on entering with a Single action Revolver, I've got two tips for you. First, shoot five shots, and if you haven't got to the stop plate yet, put the sixth on the stop plate, even if you have some misses. It's faster to take the three second missed plate penalty for a missed plate. Most shooters can't reload a single action revolver in three seconds. A missed stop plate is thirty seconds! So, save the last shot for the stop plate, and be SURE you hit it!!

Practice your reloading, as the single action revolvers are slow to unload and re-load, and reloading thirty or forty times in a match can make it a long day id you can't do it fairly quickly.

Drag out that "Cowboy Gun" and holster, and give it a try!

Our next two matches will be December 22nd. and 23rd. Both days will be six stage matches. If you are traveling from out of town and are interested in staying over on Saturday night so you can shoot both matches, email me and I'll track down some of the local bed and breakfasts near the range, and also the phone number of the motel about five miles from the range.


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