Monday, November 19, 2012

Holmes Harbor Pistol Ranges

Yes, here in Western Washington State it does rain a lot, but really heavy rain is quite unusual. Over the last couple of days the rainfall has been way heavier than we are used to seeing around here.

I just got back from checking on the new pistol bays at Homes Harbor Rod & Gun Club, and everything got a good soaking. I took a shovel and re-routed some of the runoff water to minimize erosion of the access road, and other than one large mud puddle in bay three, everything looks OK. The ground right now is totally saturated, and high winds are forecast for tonight, so I am expecting some of the looser trees to go down, and also expecting some power outages. One of the trees that was swaying pretty far over is right behind bay three where we would like to expand the back of the bay, so if that tree goes down that saves us some work!

Next Saturday and Sunday, November 24th and 25th, we are planning on running a full six stage steel match each day, so come on down! There will be no stages requiring movement, so wear warm and waterproof boots and bring your rain gear. We will have a rain shelter set up in each bay, so even if it rains you will have some protection from it. Setup at 8am., Signup at 9am., shooters safety and rules meeting at 9:45, and match starts at 10am. We should be all done and in the restaurant for lunch and hot coffee by 2 or 2:30!

See you there!


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