Monday, May 31, 2010

Wasp Sounds

A guy's walking down the street and he passes a record shop. In the window is a vintage vinyl LP record titled "Wasp Sounds". Now, this guy just happens to be the world's expert on wasps. Anything there is to know about wasps, he knows about it. Anytime anyone in the whole world has a question about wasps, he's the guy they call. Excitedly, he hurries in to the record store to buy the record and add it to his vast wasp library. He hastens home to listen to his new record.

The next day he's back in the record store with the record in his hand. "I demand my money back!" he yells. "I listened to the record and didn't hear a single wasp sound!"

The record store clerk looks at the record and replies "Well, no wonder you didn't hear any wasp sounds. You listened to the Bee side!"

(You don't have to admit it, but I KNOW you laughed........)
Thanks to Cris in Holland for the story!

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It's shite - but I love it!


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