Saturday, May 29, 2010

Molly At The Bianchi Cup Report

I got an email from Molly Smith's Dad with the latest updates on how Molly's doing at her first Bianchi cup competition. Molly, as those of you at last year's Gun Blogger rendezvous already know, is not only an excellent competition shooter with a Smith & Wesson sponsorship, she's also a Gun Blogger, writing The Molly Minute blog, and not to mention that she's thirteen!

KeeWee, Molly, and Bea, three generations of shooters, at last year's Gun Blogger rendezvous.
Picture lifted from Snowflakes In Hell blog.

Here's the latest update from the Bianchi Cup:
Molly finished her final stage yesterday, the Plates, which she really enjoys shooting. Molly said she was pretty worn out, so did not do as well as she had hoped, but she completed the competition! Today she was involved in a Pro-Am shoot-off and she won! Since (Molly's Mom's) voice is almost gone I do not know what the stage was or who she shot against, however the crowd was very excited for Molly. So a week of shooting with no equipment issues (thanks Mike C., Tom H., Jim O)..... there are "whispers" that Molly may have won something, but from Molly's standpoint, she has already WON a hundred times over!

I can not tell you how generous and kind the representatives from NRA and Binachi Cup have been to both Molly's Mom and Molly. Understanding how stressful a new place, people, and an event could be for newcomers, the NRA has made the week a very joyful and fun experience for Molly, she really felt welcomed. Also, the competitors were very kind and helpful. NRA is one of those few organizations that is multifaceted (teaching, legislation, competitions, etc.) and is still able to deliver a spectacular level of professionalism and success for each particular event.

Knowing how shy Molly's Mom is (and sick), she has been able to have Annette (from the Smith & Wesson Team) take over as Molly's Shooting mom, handling interviews and the such. Jerry Miculek (S&W) has volunteered to schlep Molly back to the host hotel after they are done at the range, no beer stops I hope:)

(Having Jerry Miculek driving you back and forth to the hotel? WOW!!  ...Mr. C.) 

Tonight is the banquet, so Molly is very excited about dressing up. Sunday they fly back, Monday Molly gets ready for the next weekend IRC event in Morro Bay........

Good for her! We all wish her well at the International Revolver championships next weekend.


At Monday, May 31, 2010 8:09:00 AM, Blogger Millisecondmolly said...

Hi Mr. C.
Molly asked me to leave this comment!
Jerry and Annette were great this week, what wonderful friends they have been to Molly, but Jerry's car was full. BJ NORRIS had the distinction of being Molly's driver. BJ has the BIGGEST heart, and is THE MOST GENEROUS man.
On Wednesday, Molly arrived at the practice range with the "Bianchi for Beginners" instructions in hand. She was going to shoot the Practical Event that day. The couple of hours before a competition is intense with focus and concentration for the shooters, the last thing they need is a newbie asking questions and Molly's bouncing! Well, BJ was to shoot the Practical Event later that morning, but seeing that Molly did not understand the procedure for the "practical" he took his practice and focus time to run through it with her... Twice!!! He laughed, smiled and took the time to be sure that Molly was at ease, that she was comfortable with the stage and that she was confident! Not only did BJ drive Molly around, he truly exemplified the meaning of an athlete, a competitor and a friend! See you soon! Susie


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