Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kitsap - The Forest Fire Danger Was Low.......

I went over to the Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club on Saturday for their monthly Fun Steel match. KeeWee was smart enough to stay home and stay dry, but I've been getting cabin fever not having shot a match since last November, so off I went. The drive over it rained. The drive back it rained even heavier. All day long it rained. Fortunately, there are shelters at each shooting bay so you can stay out of the rain, at least, until it's your turn to shoot. It wasn't particularly cold, though, so if you could keep fairly dry it wasn't bad at all.

For the time of year and the weather, turnout was quite good, with almost forty entries. John has put in a lot of work keeping the steel shooting going at KRRC, and each year the entries increase.

The stages were either out of the Steel Challenge book, or similar to Steel Challenge stages, with a bit of John's "Evil Genius" thrown in to mess you up! A couple of the stages looked a lot easier than they were, and when you tried to shoot them as fast as it looked, you definitely paid for it!

Since it was raining all day I didn't take any pictures. We all had a great time, though, in spite of the rain. It was great to see all the familiar faces.

The KRRC Fun Steel matches are even month, year round, on the second Saturday. If you've always wanted to try shooting steel, these would be great matches for you. You don't need to draw from a holster, although there is a class for you if you want to. Safety is carefully enforced, but the matches are intended to be informal and fun, and they definitely are all of that!

Why not try one out sometime?


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