Sunday, January 31, 2010

How'd Your Week Go?

It's been a busy week, and here it is Sunday night, and off into Monday we go! Thursday was KeeWee's birthday, so we went over to Holmes Harbor Rod & Gun Club for a delicious dinner of fish & chips. How many of you belong to a gun club that also has it's own restaurant and bar? Not too common, I'd guess.

Friday afternoon I spent a few hours at the HHRGC pistol range testing a load for my Glock 17. It seemed to run fine, but it wasn't quite hot enough to reliably cycle a brand new Taurus PT92-AFS, the Taurus that I am planning to turn into a full-blown open class steel race gun, "Son of Econo Race Gun", my previous Taurus based racer.

After a bit of ammo testing I spent some time with a lady who had just purchased a S&W .38 hammerless snubbie as a purse gun. She had no prior experience with handguns, so we basically started from square one. After going over range safety and protocols, we got down to some shooting. Even at fairly close range she wasn't getting much consistency. I tried it out, and the trigger was awful, heavy, notchy, and very difficult to stage. A trigger job is definitely in order, particularly when single action isn't one of the options.

It was a far cry from what I had come to expect from S&W, but maybe that's how they build them these days, so if you want a good trigger you have to run it through the custom shop. It was clearly the wrong handgun for her to be using to try to learn to shoot. Next time I think we'll shoot a bit with a .22 Ruger Single Six and get some basic shooting skills established.

Over the weekend the project was to clean up, re-tape, and re-mud the sheetrock on part of the ceiling in our basement bathroom that had been water-damaged from the problems in the bathroom directly above. I just finished the final sanding a couple of hours ago, then applied three coats of KILZ sealer and primer to seal everything up. A re-paint of the ceiling and that will be done.

The next project is to dig out the loose grout around the tiles in the basement bathroom and re-grout/re-caulk/re-seal the tile walls. That's a pretty big job, but it's got to be done so we don't end up with water getting behind the tiles and having to strip and re-tile.

Through Craig's List I located a good TV antenna to replace the remains of our current one. Age and multiple wind storms have just about wiped out the one we have now.

I've also located a contractor who has some surplus but new 2x6's and 2x12's at a good price, so I need to put together a bill of materials and buy some of his lumber to repair our front deck. The deck was built in 1959 and it's in very poor condition. Another big job for my spare time!

I've been following the Seattle to Amsterdam air fares, and they don't seem to be improving, still running around $1,200 per ticket round trip, double of what I paid last year. It' very important to me for several reasons to be able to make the trip, but the cost is a big problem. If KeeWee would just win that darn lottery we could not only make the trip, but we could even afford to ride in first class instead of back in the "Airbus Cattle Car" section.

Oh well, dreams are free..............


At Monday, February 01, 2010 4:27:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. C thinks that when I come over that direction from Montana I stop by to see him and visit. T'ain't so, I stop by because he is a member of the HHRGC and they have great Fish & Chips and I can usually talk he and KeeWee into going over there. Can you believe that in Billings, the largest city in Montana there is not one fish & chips place? Sure you can order fish & chips at a few places like Red Lobster and Old Chicago but none that really do a good job of it, not even a Long John Silver's or anything faintly resembling an Ivar's. How sad!


At Tuesday, February 02, 2010 9:20:00 PM, Anonymous Davidwhitewolf said...

Not sure of your budget, but if you really want the first-class experience for relatively cheap, Virgin Atlantic runs "specials" on their website where you fly their "Upper Class" (that's the ones with the beds) from select US cities to London for IIRC just a bit more than your round-trip fare you quoted. You could fly cheap down from Seattle to SFO, SFO to London in upper-class comfort, and then take the train to Amsterdam. Just a thought....

At Tuesday, February 02, 2010 9:37:00 PM, Anonymous Davidwhitewolf said...

Ah, just read the post below on Holland and understand why you're pretty firm on the nonstop from Seattle.


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