Thursday, November 08, 2012

Our Future?

I got an email from another shooter who makes some very good points regarding the election. With his permission, here it is in it's entirety:

Whenever I approach despondency about the prospects for this country and for my own liberty within it, I focus on the idea that the current path is simply unsustainable.

I personally don’t think it makes any significant difference who won this election. Regardless of which party has been in power, for decades we citizens have gotten more debt, more war, and less liberty. The only difference between the two parties is which personal freedom they want to take away first.

It has to crash and burn at some point, and then if there are enough freedom-minded people that have prepared for it, we can influence the rebuilding.

So I try and view this inevitable rebuilding with optimism – that we can eliminate the parasites that are currently in charge, prevent even worse mental aberrants from taking control in the crash, and return to living by the Constitution that was such an enlightened guideline.

I think it's an important distinction to consider the separate the parties by their behavior and as they are actually functioning, as opposed to what they purport to be. Clearly, Jefferson would not recognize the Republicans by their behavior, nor would Kennedy recognize the current Democratic party either.


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