Wednesday, October 17, 2012

HHRGC Steel Match Soon!

If you've never put on an event, you can't imagine just how many little (and big) details there are that can really gum things up if you forget to take care of of them. I've been busy making shooter's boxes, buying nails and paint, building target stands (and learning to ARC weld in the process), and more.

I have now re-insured my 1969 full size Ford van and got it running and drivable after it sitting unused  for about three years. I cleaned it out, and it will be our steel, target stand, and match supplies storage unit on wheels. This way we don't have to double-handle the targets and stands when setting up and breaking down a match.

Some time over the next few days I'll be borrowing a backhoe and doing a little dirt work at the range getting things ready for our first match. I'm not the greatest backhoe operator, but I usually manage to get the job done, it just takes me a little longer as I try to go easy on the equipment.

It's now only a week and a half to our very first steel match at my home club, Holmes Harbor Rod & Gun, here on the South end of Whidbey Island. Word has been spreading like wildfire about our "Two matches in two days" format, and we will be welcoming shooting friends from all over Washington State.

For those folks coming for both days, we will be having a Mexican Buffet, like music, and dancing on Saturday night at the club.

When we finally get our full compliment of action pistol bays installed, we will have one of the nicest and best outfitted clubs on the West Coast. We have a very good shotgun range, a pistol range, a metallic Silhouette range, a rifle range,two clubhouses, and our own bar and restaurant on site. We are looking at putting on a big match or so next Summer, and I'm sure it's just a matter of time before several other action pistol disciplines get established at this new facility.

It's been a three year effort so far to get this new action pistol center established, and there's still a long ways to go, but we're making progress, and in a year or so, it should be pretty amazing!


At Thursday, October 18, 2012 10:46:00 AM, Blogger Brennan Sheremeto said...

I feel like ive seen that two matches in 2 days format before somewhere... ;)

Wish I could make it but I'm running a 2 gun steel match at my club, or as I like to call it "im-to-lazy-to-deal-with-paper-targets-in-the-winter 2 gun" the same day


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