Thursday, October 11, 2012

South Whidbey Action Pistol Website is Up!

As I've mentioned before, I've been pretty busy lately, and blogging has definitely suffered. In addition to all of the other stuff, I've also started a new blog/website dedicated to news, announcements, reports, and other info related to action pistol shooting.

Although the focus is action pistol shooting in Western Washington and local clubs, there will also be information on state, National, and International matches too. We will be providing (at no charge) full authoring privileges to key folks in a number of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho clubs, and they can post info about their own club's action pistol activities.

Here's the description in the header:

South Whidbey Action Pistol 
Welcome to the South Whidbey Action Pistol website. Your place for news, dates, reports, and results on all types of action pistol competition, including Steel Challenge, Club Level Steel, IDPA, USPSA, Falling Plates, Hanging Plates, Cowboy Action Shooting, 3 Gun, and more. We will be primarily focused on shooting sports and activities in the Western part of Washington State, but we will also be covering major matches across the continent, and around the world.


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