Monday, October 08, 2012

Holmes Harbor Steel Shooting Poster

As I've mentioned, one of the reasons for light blogging recently has been that I've been really busy with other projects. One of those projects is to get a number of new pistol bays created at my local gun club, Holmes Harbor Rod & Gun. My first presentation to the board of directors was about three years ago. Finally, things are starting to happen, as there were other big projects ahead of the Action Pistol Ranges. We now have two pistol bays finished, and a third should be ready in another week or ten days. A fourth bay, sort of a temporary bay for now, should also be ready in a week or so.  We have now put on three demonstration matches to introduce steel shooting competition to the club. Last Saturday we had eighteen entries, which is pretty good considering we didn't do much to announce it.

Here's the announcement poster for the matches coming up in a couple of weeks, and then two matches a month through the Winter:

Rain or Shine - Steel Fun Match 

Saturday, October 27th & Sunday October 28th
 (and every 4th Saturday & Sunday Through the Winter)
We will shoot a full match each day!

“Just for the fun of it” Steel Challenge style steel shooting Saturday, October 27th., and Sunday October 28th.  at the new Action Pistol Bays behind the rifle range at Holmes harbor Rod & Gun Club.

Setup at 8:00, Sign up at 9:00, Shooter’s Meeting at 9:45, shooting starts right after the shooter’s meeting. $5.00 entry fee per gun, three gun limit per shooter.
Actually, this is a picture from a Steel challenge match in Ephrata. We don't have any pictures from a Holmes Harbor Steel match yet!

Have you wanted to give Steel Challenge style steel shooting a try? Are you an experienced steel shooter already, but would like to get in a bit of fun steel shooting on a regular basis without having to travel to do it? Come on out and join us for the fun!

Most all handguns, including rimfire and revolvers, are suitable for steel shooting. .22LR Rifles are also welcome. We will be including a ”Low Ready” centerfire pistol class for those shooters without holsters. No .17 caliber or ultra-high velocity .22 is permitted but CCI Mini-Mags are OK.

If you have never shot a steel match before, there will be people there to give you a hand, so come on out for a lot of fun!

We will have as many stages set up as we can with our limited but growing facilities. When the full action pistol ranges are all in place, we will be able to handle lots of shooters with plenty of stages being shot all at the same time by multiple squads. A full set of action pistol bays would be a total of eight bays, although many of them would be smaller than the first two already installed. Before the additional bays are put in, though, we have to demonstrate that the new action pistol bays will get regularly used, and not sit empty all year.

If you have a shot timer, please bring it along. If we have several squads we will not have enough timers.

We need more of the blue or white plastic 50 gallon drums for use as shooter’s box tables, and outdoor tables like picnic tables. If you have any of these that you would be willing to donate to the club then either give Mike a call at 321-6258, or bring them out to the action pistol bays. 

See you at the match!


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