Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Upcoming Prescott Match Details

I've finally got all the connections lined up for the Prescott Steel Challenge match this coming Saturday. I'll catch the Whidbey-SeaTac shuttle at 7am on Friday morning to get to the airport. My flight leaves for Phoenix around 10am. and arrives around 1pm. I'll pick up a rental car in Phoenix, then drive to Prescott, a bit over a two hour drive. I'll spend the night at a motel, then shoot the match on Saturday.

After the match I'll get some dinner and get a little sleep before leaving at 1 am. to drive back to the Phoenix airport, drop off the car, and catch a 6 am. flight back to Seattle. From the Seattle airport I grab the shuttle for the hour and a half ride back to Whidbey Island. Should be back home Sunday evening. WHEW........

I talked to the Match Director yesterday and he said that they need more shooters to fill out the match. Apparently rumor got around that the maximum capacity of 80 shooters had been met, so a lot of folks didn't sign up. There is definitely room for more shooters, so if you are anywhere in the general area, try to be there and join in for the fun!

For more information, here's the linky

.....and I don't want to hear any whining about it being too far to drive, either!



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