Monday, October 19, 2009

Got in a little shooting

Since I got back from the Gun Blogger Rendezvous in Reno I've been pretty much swamped with one thing and another sucking up most of my time. Combining that with the arrival of rainy season, I haven't been out shooting, or even practicing for that matter, as much as I'd like. I know I can shoot better than I am shooting now, but it's just a matter of putting in the work to get there.

That being said, I did manage to drive down to Puyallup and the Paul Bunyan Club's fun steel match yesterday (Sunday). Considering how little I've practiced in the last month or so, I didn't do as badly as I expected. There were a couple of stages that gave me some trouble, however, as they involved one handed shooting with speed, not a strong point for a heavy pistol with a 12" barrel! I muddled through, though, and a good time was had by all. Some of the regulars weren't there, though, as it was opening weekend of deer season. We even managed to shoot the whole match without getting rained on!

I still have a few last minute details left to sort out before I leave for Prescott, AZ for a big Steel Match. I leave for Prescott on Friday, shoot the match on Saturday, and fly home on the "Oh-Dark-Thirty" red-eye Sunday morning. I'm looking forward to the match, but not the traveling.....


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