Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Still Here, Sorta........

I haven't really dropped off the face of the earth, really! Since I got back from the Gun Blogger Rendezvous I have been pretty much swamped with work and stuff that needed to be done. Trying to get back caught up on all of that has left me mostly worn out by the end of the day, and in that state I don't have much to say, or the energy to say it. I've still got a lot of pictures from the Rendezvous to post, and other blog stuff in the works that I haven't gotten to yet.

Mixed in with all of that, I've been trying to get in some shooting and a few matches. My practice sessions have been, sadly, far too few and far between. Next Sunday I'm heading to Puyallup for one of their most excellent steel matches. The following Friday I'm flying to Prescott, Arizona for their big annual steel match. Shortly after I return from there, if all goes according to plans, I will be flying to Boulder, Colorado to be on Michael Bane's Shooting Gallery for a program he's putting together on rimfire shooting. Plans are to film the program indoors, so maybe it will be a bit like the European Steel Challenge Championships. That would be a lot of fun if it was. I hope it works out, as Michael is quite a character and a lot of fun to visit with!


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