Thursday, October 01, 2009

Elder/Palin For President

I was cruisin' through Random Nuclear Strikes this morning and came across this post. Apparently Larry Elder, the popular and conservative California talk show host was considering running for the Senate against Barbara Boxer. The Republicans told him not to, and that they would not support him. You should go read the whole story.

On March 4th, 2007 I ran a post picking Larry Elder as my preferred choice for President. Nothing in the intervening years has changed my mind as to my choice. For vice president, I'd go with Sarah Palin, although Sarah as President and Larry as VP would work for me too. Either way you've got conservative Libertarian/Republicans in charge, and that would be a great step in the right (pun intended) direction.

Here's the post from 2007. Go re-read Larry's "Ten Points Plan" linked in the post, if you're not sure of where Larry stands.

Larry Elder -- My Pick for President

Looking over the front runners for the Republican and Democratic nomination for president, there doesn't seem to be ANYONE who's solidly pro second amendment. Heck, there doesn't even seem to be a conservative in the lot!

As I looked for someone who is a good communicator, well educated, street-smart, and not afraid to stand up and state his position without a lot of "weasel-words" (no offence intended towards Cowboy Blob's ferrets), one person comes to mind, the talk radio host Larry Elder. Now before you laugh this off, go to Larry's website and have a look around. Spend a few minutes seeing what he has to say. In particular, have a look at his Ten Point Plan. Then write down the ten main points expressed by any of the other candidates. (Can you find ten? Didn't think so! )

Now go down the lists one item at a time and see how many match up with your personal politics. I'm not exactly "eye-to-eye" with him on everything, but he's way closer than anyone else.

To have any chance at all, he would have to run as a Republican, but we have "Conservative" Republicans, "Moderate" Republicans, and even "RINO's", so I have no problem at all with a Libertarian Republican. Actually, I kinda like the sound of it!

In today's politics, Thomas Jefferson would be a Libertarian Republican, and that's what we need.......

Note: The picture above is Larry with his mother, otherwise known as The Chief Justice!"



At Tuesday, October 06, 2009 12:15:00 PM, Anonymous Windy Wilson said...

An Elder/Palin ticket would be worth it just to see the contortion leftists would go through to convince the American public that Mr. Elder and Ms Palin are "inauthentic".


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