Monday, May 11, 2009

Some Videos from Man of Steel

I promised to post a few videos from the Man of Steel match, but I got kinda busy building a replacement race gun for the one that cracked the frame and had to be retired, at least retired until I find if it can be welded.

The first video is an unusual stage for steel shooting as it has both movement and a mandatory reload. Steel Challenge matches often have one stage with movement from one box to another, but not with a reload. Most rimfire guns aren't the easiest to do a fast reload anyway, and if you drop your rimfire magazine in the dirt it may well not feed for the rest of the day. I mounted a small ring on the bottom of the magazines so I could clip it to a lanyard around my neck. That way I could yank it out of the gun and it would not hit the ground. This particular stage was one where if you mess up you can lose three or four seconds or more on a single bad run, so I tried to keep it conservative and just not make any major mistakes.

Considering I don't practice this, I think it came out fairly well. It wasn't the fastest time of the day, but it was good enough, and I didn't dig myself a big hole time-wise.

I'm including videos of the more unusual stages, the ones that depart significantly from the more standardized Steel Challenge layouts. This next one is called Drag Race, and it does kinda remind you of a 'Christmas Tree' at a drag race. It's also a lot like a drag race as it's a maximum speed sort of stage. It's a little misleading due to the camera lens, but it's roughly nine yards to the plates, and they can EASILY be missed when you are shooting as fast as you can. It's definitely harder than it looks when you turn up the rate of fire.

I don't know what makes this stage so much fun, but it really is a stage I look forward to shooting. This run was the fastest run of the day on this stage.

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At Monday, May 11, 2009 4:41:00 PM, Blogger TrueBlueSam said...

I love to watch you shoot these contests---I am not wired fast enough to do that kind of shooting. I think EJ with his bad eyes could outshoot me in speed because of his violin training.


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