Monday, May 11, 2009

KRRC Fun Steel 05/09/2009

We all had a great time Saturday at the Kitsap Rifle & Revolver Club's monthly Fun Steel match. John D. was off on vacation, but John M. Jr. ably took up the reins and did a fine job of coming up with challenging stages for us.

Scott and James showed up, and we had a grand time shooting in the same squad. We've been in the same squad the last few matches, and NOBODY has any more fun than we do! Scott also brought some of his antelope/venison polish sausage to munch on, and it was delicious. Last month it was Scott who was 'on a mission' and shot amazingly well.

Not to be outdone, James and his revolver were red hot, and he turned in the fastest total time for the match. I was right behind James, and Scott was right on my heels with his iron sight 22. When you shoot in a squad with really good shooters it raises everyone's performance, and this was no exception. The final results showed that Scott had won the Iron Sight 22, Stock, and Carry classes. James had won the revolver and draw classes, and I had won Optic sight 22 class. James was declared the overall match winner. The weather was pleasant, the shooting fun, and a grand day was had by all. (I'd have some really great pictures, except I forgot the camera.......)

Next Sunday will be really interesting, as we will all be at the Paul Bunyan club in Puyallup for the Annual Paul Bunyan Club Championship. It will be a falling plate double elimination match, and your first round opponent will be determined by your times over the past year on one steel stage that was the same at every match. The top seed will shoot against the number two seed, the number three against the number four, and so on down the list. In rimfire Scott is the top seed, I'm number two, the number three seed is the top seed in both Open and Revolver class, and James is number four. All of these guys shoot falling plate matches every Tuesday night at Gig Harbor. I haven't shot a Falling Plate match in a year or so. Since it's a double elimination format, I get a second chance, but even if you lose i n the first round, coming up against the loser between the third and fourth seed isn't much of an improvement. It could be a very short day for me. I hope I can get past at least one or two shooters so I can stay in the match for awhile!



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