Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Glocktail - Beavertail for the Glocks

Glocktail from Mike Gibson Manufacturing

If you have fairly good sized hands, you may find the slide can bite you once in a while, since the Glock's don't have much protection for the top of your hand. Mike Gibson of Mike Gibson Manufacturing and MGM Targets, has the answer for you. It's called a "Glocktail" and it fits on the rear of the Glock grip and frame, providing a generous beavertail for your protection. It comes in several colors, too.

In the picture above I haven't installed the rubber sleeve to hold theGlocktail in place so you can better see what the Glocktail looks like. The provided rubber sleeve looks like a section cut out of a bicycle innertube, but it should do the job. A better solution, in my opinion, would be to use a Hogue HandAll grip sleeve in place of the piece of inner tube.

For more information contact Mike Gibson Manufacturing at 888-767-7371, or visit the Glocktail website at http://www.glocktail.com



At Friday, May 01, 2009 6:49:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Huh,interesting. Would be great on the baby Glocks and perhaps the mid-size too. Thanks.


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