Friday, May 01, 2009

Man of Steel This Sunday

"Can't Miss" stage from last year's Man of Steel.

I'm working away trying to get all the last minute stuff taken care of prior to leaving Saturday morning for Portland for the annual Man of Steel eight stage steel match. The race guns are cleaned and oiled, the batteries in both the hearing protectors and the red dot sights are either almost new or new. I always check battery voltage in the sights with a good digital voltmeter before each match, since a battery can be getting a bit low and you might not notice the dot's a little dimmer than usual due to varying light conditions.

This match will be a good reference to see how fully I've recovered from last Winter's episode. Not shooting for almost six months did take a toll. Eight stages will be plenty, although last year Man of Steel was ten stages long.

Man of Steel draws a lot of very good shooters from around the Northwest, so it's always a lot of fun, even if you are only watching the match. Ryan Leonard and his Dad Nick put on the match every year, and do an excellent job. Ryan, by the way, is the Steel Challenge Junior World Champion. The match is held at the Tri-Counties gun club just a few minutes South of Portland. If you are in the area, come on out and check it out, even if you aren't shooting.

Maybe I'll see you there..........................



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