Tuesday, May 05, 2009

May e postal match, "Tribute to Alain."

Manfred, our favorite French Gun Blogger and Armes et tir Passion proprietor, is hosting this month's e-Postal match, and for those of you that like to shoot at a little longer distances, part of this month's match is at 25 Feet or 10 yards, and part of it is at 25 yards. There are six classes, do there's a class for absolutely anything you might want to shoot, including "airsoft, air guns, panzerfausts, machineguns..." I imagine you can also shoot the match with a rifle if you are so inclined, too, so there's no excuses!

Here's the link to the full rules, how to download the targets, and everything you need yo know for the match.

Get out there and be safe, have fun, and lets bury Manfred with entries!

BTW, Manfred's blog posts are often in English, and if not, there's a button there to allow Babelfish to translate it into English, or several other language choices. The translations are often hilarious, but you can usually get the drift.............

Note to self: Must get some more ammo for the panzerfaust.



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