Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Last Minute Preparations, Etc......

I haven't had a lot of time for blogging lately with so many things either upcoming, or underway. KeeWee and I are scrambling around trying to get everything sorted out for our expedition to Holland next week for the European Steel Challenge Championships. I've got both race guns working well, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that nothing breaks this weekend at the Paul Bunyan Club's Falling Plate Championships. I am SO over my head in that match as most of the top shooters shoot falling plate matches every Tuesday at Gig Harbor, and I haven't shot a Falling Plate match for well over a year. It's a double elimination man-on-man match and I sure hope I can beat SOMEBODY in the first couple of rounds so I can stay in the match for a while and get in some shooting. I'd hate to drive down there and get knocked out of the match in two rounds! I'll try to get in a bit of practice over the next three days, weather permitting, and hopefully I can get somewhat up to speed for the match. Win or lose, though, it's going to be a lot of fun, and if I get knocked out early it still means that Scott and James, whom I had the fun of shooting with several times in the last few weeks, will be moving on towards the match final. Both of them are good enough to win it all, so lots of luck, guys, except, of course, when you are shooting against me!!

After we get back Sunday night from Paul Bunyan, I hope for a good night's sleep, and two good days of steel challenge practice, Monday and Tuesday. Then on Wednesday we're off to Holland. We'll spend Thursday and Thursday night in Amsterdam, them travel to Winterswijk on Friday, the first day of the match. Hopefully we will get there early enough that I can watch some of Friday's shooting so I can get sort of a feel for the indoor facility and the match commands. It looks like a lot of the fastest rimfire shooters will be shooting on Friday. I shoot on Saturday. Sunday is also a shooting day, but we may be able to sneak in a little sight-seeing early on Sunday. Monday we travel back to Amsterdam, and Tuesday we fly home. This will probably be a "Once-in-a-lifetime" sort of trip, so I hope I can have a good day shooting. It will be fun regardless, but it's always more fun when you do your best...........

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