Friday, May 04, 2007

Gun Blogger Rendezvous News

I've been working away lining things up for the Gun Blogger Rendezvous coming up in early October, and I've got some good news. It looks like we will have a couple of new big name sponsors on board this year. I haven't gotten final confirmation, but over the phone it sounds like they are going to sponsor. I won't give out the names until it's confirmed, but one of the companies likes the color blue a lot, but don't "press" me for any more hints!! (A master of subtlety, that's me!).

I talked to one of the head cowboy action shooting honcho's in Reno a day or so ago, and on Sunday, October 14th there will be a full cowboy action match at the Pyramid valley range. He is going to check to see if they could have one of the stages set up on Saturday, the day before, and have a few of their club members there to give us a demo of cowboy action shooting, and also let us all shoot a stage or so to see what it's all about. This would be in addition to our regular Saturday range sessions! It might just be worth the trip to see Rivrdog in a cowboy hat!!

If you are planning on attending the Rendezvous, you should contact the Circus Circus and get your room reservations in fairly soon. Don't wait until the very last minute!!

I will have the information on how to register for the Rendezvous itself posted soon.



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