Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Machine Gun Shoot & Raffle

As many of you know, InSights Training Center Instructor Mike Shertz has been battling leukemia for the last 2 years. Just a few weeks ago he went through a bone marrow transplant, but his fight is far from over. His insurance will only cover half the costs of the procedure and we are doing what we can to help him in this time of need. If you would like to help you can make a donation, participate in a machine gun charity shoot, or buy raffle tickets for some great items. Or do all three!

Raffle Fundraiser: Take a look at the new website and check out the raffle items. These have been donated by people all over the country to benefit Mike Shertz. There are some great items, including training classes, guns, and gear. The $2500 custom 1911 is absolutely beautiful! It is as perfectly built a custom carry gun as you will ever find. Also, if you want to train with some of the big name instructors around the nation, here’s a good way to help Mike and treat yourself to some good solid training. You can pay for the raffle tickets with Paypal and we will do the drawing in January after the next benefit submachinegun shoot.

Machine Gun Shoot Fundraiser: January 13th, 6:30pm–10pm, at the Bellevue Indoor Range. Come shoot MP5’s, M16’s, Uzi’s, a G36, Sten gun, Swedish K, and more! A donation of $200 allows you to shoot as much as you want (all proceeds benefit Mike), plus additional $ for ammo (ammo must be purchased from the range—all profits benefit Mike). Call to reserve your spot or just show up! Cash and Check preferred, but we can accept Visa/MC.

To donate directly to Mike visit

Thanks to Retired Geezer at Blog Idaho for forwarding this story from the Insights Newsletter to me!


At Wednesday, December 13, 2006 8:09:00 PM, Blogger Retired Geezer said...

Mrs. Geezer and I have taken a couple of classes from Insights.

The Defensive Folding Knife class was very good.


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