Sunday, November 19, 2006

Will You Gross Out the World?

Can you be taken out to a meal in other countries without embarrassing your hosts? Just how bad ARE your manners in other countries? Are you going to gross out the locals?

Hat tip to Eddie in Ireland


At Sunday, November 19, 2006 11:09:00 PM, Blogger Rivrdog said...

Since I don't travel the world any more, I'm more interested in "will the world gross ME out when I dine?"

I'm easily grossed out by these three misbehaviors:

1. Unruly kids. Parents, DO NOT excuse your kids from your table so that they may run around the restaurant, play "house" under the table, or otherwise distract me from my dining experience that I am paying good money for. If you've trained those kids so poorly that they can't sit still at your table during the dining experience, DON'T BRING THEM TO THE RESTAURANT.
2. Loud, raucous talk. This might be OK in a tavern, if you're hosed. It is NEVER proper in a restaurant. Your voice should not extend beyond your table, and if it does, and bothers another dining party, you should be prepared to apologize and shut up, in that order.
3. Cell phones. If you must conduct business or social life over a cell phone, excuse yourself and go to the lobby entrance to do so. I don't like your ring tones OR the way you conduct your business and/or social life, so apologize and turn off the phone, IN THAT ORDER.

See, I'm really easy to get along with. If I wasn't this list would have been a lot longer.

At Monday, November 20, 2006 3:11:00 PM, Blogger AlanDP said...

I got 7 out of 11, just by trying to pick out what seemed to me to be the silliest answer for each question.

At Tuesday, November 21, 2006 10:17:00 AM, Blogger David said...

I agree with Rivrdog, except for the cell phones if it is on vibrate and the person talking does so no louder than they would talk to the person sitting across the table from them. I'm OK with it.

About kids, when my oldest daughter was 3 we were eating out and she decided it would be fun to start screaming. We told her to stop, she screamed. I told her "one more time and you will wait in the car". She screamed again. I picked her up, carried her out to the car, strapped her into her car seat, closed and locked the doors, then sat down on the bench in front of my car where we could see each other through the windshield. Our waitress, at my wife's request brought my food out to me. While my daughter sat and screamed her lungs out, I enjoyed the sunset, my meal and all the weird stares I got from patrons going into the restaurant. When I finished eating the waitress brought me a dessert, compliments of the manager. Two other tables full of patrons in the restaurant who were sitting near us, each chipped in enough to cover most of our dinner bill.

My daughter never acted up in a restaurant again.


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