Sunday, November 12, 2006

Last Pin Shoot of the Year -- SIGH......

KeeWee in the process of retiring LouG from the Rimfire Optical class.

I have no idea how we managed to squeeze in two reasonably nice days, weatherwise, in between all of the wind and rain storms we've had for the last two weeks, but we did. The weather was amazingly pleasant for this time of the year with the sun peeking through from time to time brightening up the day.

In qualifying, we witnessed the shot of the year, and the table of the year, both by LarryF. Chris was timing in with his revolver, and used his first six rounds, leaving several pins still on the table. He reloaded and cleared the table, except for one pin still standing, with his next six rounds. Since you get to discard the times from one table anyway, Chris decided to quit on that particular table. Larry, who was standing behind the firing line, and perhaps eight or ten feet behind the white fence and at least 40 to 45 feet away, picked up a rock and threw it at the sole standing pin. The rock hit the pin squarely on the red emblem with enough force to send it sailing off the pin table! WOW!

When Larry was shooting his .45 in qualifying, he shot the table of the year. His first shot hit the right-most pin on it's edge, sending it into the pin next to it, starting a domino effect which knocked the two left hand pins off of the table, and the shot pin also rolled off of the table, leaving two pins on the table. Larry then used one shot for each remaining pin, ending up clearing five pins from the table with three shots! Again, WOW!

After timing in, we got on with the match. As has been the case lately, "Evil Al" was pretty much unbeatable, so whoever got to shoot against him was done for the day. That means bad news for anyone who qualifies near the top, as you get to meet Al early in the elimination process. In optical sight centerfire I met Al in my first round and got eliminated. Al then eliminated everyone else he met to win the class.

In the revolver class, LouG got to meet Al first, and was quickly eliminated. I got to go against Al next, with the same results. I was hoping to get a chance to shoot revolvers against Lou, but it was not to be. Young Tony managed to win one table from Al, but then Al got serious and kicked Tony's backside soundly. So much for centerfire......

Rimfire Iron sight, a class where I usually do poorly, was about as expected. JimP nocked me out in the first round and went on to win the class, beating Mountain Man Phil in the final.

Rimfire Optical sight class was unusual to say the least! I had a couple of stove-pipes with the long barreled High Standard in qualifying so I ended somewhere down the list a bit. In the first round with my S&W 422 I came up against Rainy (Mrs. Al), and narrowly got eliminated. At least I still had my High Standard in the running. I met up with Tony in the first round and FINALLY managed to not be eliminated in the first dang round! There was a bye in there somewhere, and I ended up in the semi-final.

KeeWee had already dispatched LouG in an earlier round. KeeWee had won the first table, and Lou had a jam on the second table, allowing her to advance. That put me against KeeWee in the semi-final. On the first table she shot a near perfect table, getting five pins with five shots, and in good time, where I had knocked one over and needed a sixth shot to get it off the table. Even so, it was very close. The second table we both used six shots, but she shot quickly, again narrowly winning the table. At least I can take consolation in the fact that I taught her to shoot! KeeWee was in the final!

Al had come up against Rainy in an earlier round, and 'helped' Rainy a bit, allowing her to win the round and also reach the final. It was an 'All Ladies' final. Rainy narrowly won the first table. KeeWee was leading on the second table, and had one pin to go to tie it up when the red dot went out in the sight. Unfortunately that allowed Rainy to win the final, with KeeWee in a very respectable second place.

Rainy better watch out for next year........

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