Saturday, November 18, 2006

Taurus PT92 Econo Race Gun Project -- Pt. II

As I mentioned in Part I, there are a lot of things that needed a little massaging to get my 9mm. Taurus close to where I wanted it to be. One of the first things I addressed was the darn near impossible to actuate magazine release. On the later PT92's, the magazine release is located on the rear edge of the trigger guard where you can actually reach it.

A newer series Taurus PT92 with the "Findable" magazine release.

Unfortunately, the earlier PT92's had the magazine release on the lower left corner of the grip. To make it even worse, the button barely stuck out at all, and it felt like they used a valve spring from a small block Chevrolet under the button. A quick reload just wasn't gonna happen!

Early magazine release location, with button reversed.

The magazine release button is held onto the shaft with a small roll pin. I drove the pin out, and noticed that the hole through button was closer to one end than the other. By turning the button over, it stuck out noticeably farther. Clipping a coil off of the spring lightened it up some, although I think I could have taken a bit more off and have it still hold the magazine firmly.

So to rework the magazine release, all I had to do was shorten the spring and turn over the button. COOL!

I can see that a fancier button that would hang down a bit lower would be easier to find in a hurry, but for now, the improveement was significant!

While I was messing around with magazine details, I bevelled and polished up the sides of the mag well a bit. A little file work and a little polishing with 600 wet-or-dry and the magazines were much easier to insert.

A little filing and polishing to the mag well entry.

The end result will be the combination of little improvements here and there, each one adding to improving the useability of my Taurus PT92. Lots of stuff still to do, but this is a start.....

End of Part II. (Stay tuned!)

This series of posts are a description of what I did to my own personal Taurus PT92 to modify it for my particular useage. This is NOT a Do-It-Yourself instructional series on how to modify YOUR Taurus. What you choose to do to your own Taurus is up to you and your gunsmith. Just because it worked for me is no guarantee it will work for you.

Do not make any modifications to ANY firearm without consulting a knowledgeable gunsmith first!


At Friday, November 24, 2006 11:52:00 AM, Blogger Retired Geezer said...

I had one o' them Taurus guns. I did the same thing to the mag-well. it's a pretty idiot-proof modification.
Hey *I* did it, how hard can it be?

Thanks for the suppport for Flyin' Brian, the helicopter pilot who crashed in Utah.
He should be released from the hospital in a few days and on his way back to Reno for rest and Rehab.

At Saturday, November 25, 2006 6:49:00 PM, Anonymous Max said...

I've talked to guys at a couple of local ranges that rent guns... they LOVE the PT92. Apparently, it will put up with all kinds of abuse and keep right on ticking.

Good luck with this project!


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