Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Gun Blogger Rendezvous Report -- Pt. II

After heading back to the hotel from the liquor store and "non-gun" shop, I was greeted by an email and phone message from our guest of honor for Saturday night's Gun Blogger Rendezvous dinner. It turns out that Dan's driver got stuck in traffic on their way to the airport in Seattle and arrived at the Alaska Air Lines check-in counter only 15 minutes before flight time. Alaska Airlines had already re-sold his seat, and the next flight was much later that night. Since the flight eventually turned out to have departed roughly an hour late, they certainly could have gotten Dan onto the flight.

Dan thought that the banquet was on Friday night instead of on Saturday, so he just gave up and went home. Fortunately he got in touch and let me know what had happened. I told Dan that the dinner was on Saturday night, and to do whatever he could do to get a flight to Reno as soon as he could manage it.

Several times throughout the weekend I would go push a little money into a one armed bandit. I was hoping one of them would be a shooting sports enthusiast and would cough up enough for me to go buy a brand new race gun. No luck!

One corner of the Circus Circus slot machine area.

After my first encounter with a slot machine, I had my five dollar bill reduced to the cashout ticket below:

No going to get rich this way!

Seeing that I was not going to get rich consorting with slot machines, I decided to wander around a little bit and then head back to the hotel room to get cleaned up a bit before dinner. Shortly thereafter KeeWee showed up from her exploring the area, and we got ready t ohead off to dinner at the buffet with some of the other gun bloggers. Dinner again was wonderful, and we all over-ate!

After dinner it was back to the hospitality room for refreshments and a fun evening of tall tales and funny stories with all of the gun bloggers in attendance. A couple of laptops were set up, and our Rendezvous was back on line with live blogging. Very cool, again!

Stories and refreshments flowing freely at the Hospitality room.

Deep in thought, and on line!

We had a wonderful time exchanging thoughts, stories, and ideas.

The Friday night hospitality room ran well into the night until everyone finally started to run down and headed off to get some sleep as we would need to be up bright and early tomorrow morning to head out to the range.

...end of part II

For KeeWee's latest Reno report click here.


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