Thursday, October 05, 2006

We Made it to Reno!

We made it to Reno without incident, and I've got the internet access working, more or less. The signal strength isn't much, but it seems to be working.

A number of the bloggers have showed up a day early, and so far Say Uncle, Rivrdog nad wife, , The Conservative UAW guy and wife, Smallest Minority, Travction Control, KeeWee, and I are all here safe and sound. No one seems to know exactly where JimmyB's luggage might be, however. Hopefully it will show up tomorrow.

We just got a phone call from Neanderpundit, and due to a fortunate last minute change of plans, he will be attending after all, arriving tomorrow sometime. Say Uncle has already located a poker tournament tomorrow, so we know where he's going to be at least part of the day!

Tomorrow morning most of us will be meeting for breakfast, then who knows what will happen after more folks start rolling into town!

I'll keep you posted!


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