Monday, August 21, 2006

CWSA Black Powder Rendezvous

Last Sunday morning (was it only yesterday?) KeeWee and I headed up to the CWSA range, but this time we left the guns at home. today were were going there just to be spectators. Once a year the CWSA black powder shooters invite other black powder shooters from all over the Pacific Northwest to come spend the weekend camping the old fashioned way, wearing buckskins, shooting black powder guns, throwing axes, and all sorts of other old time fun stuff!

Our first stop was the traders area, where you could stock up on leather stuff, furs, knives, flints, and a huge array of other goodies of the olden times.

Yup, those furs are REAL fur!

A blanket trader.

We met and visited for a while with this guy, what they refer to as a blanket trader. Sitting in front of him was a bunch of scrimshaw pieces he had made. I'm no expert on scrimshaw, but it sure looked like nice work to me.

Wayne the Blacksmith!

One fellow had a blacksmith shop all set up. As I walked a bit closer I saw it was an old friend of mine whom I hadn't seen in a couple of years. We had a good visit and caught up a bit on old times as he was making some iron gizmos. I bought a really nice looking flower pot hanging hook for KeeWee that Wayne had made.

Preparations behind the firing line.

After checking out the traders, we walked over to the handgun range where they were holding the team rifle/shotgun competition. The idea was that one of the team members would shoot a coffee can full of water with a pop can on top of it using a muzzle loading rifle. When the can was hit, the pop can would go 20 or 30 feet up into the air. The second team member then had to try to hit the pop can in the air with his black power shotgun. The coffee can was about 25 yards away sitting on a wooden block. It looked like they had a lot of fun shooting this one!

She shoots the coffee can with the rifle, and he hits the pop can in the air!

The coffee can had been hit, and the pop can is in the air. If you click on the picture you can see it in the enlarged version.

Everyone seemed to be having a grand time, and the weather couldn't have been better. It sure did seem funny just being a spectator, though. Usually I'm busy loading magazines, trying to be organized, and concentrating on the match and how I was planning to approach it.

Spectating is kinda fun too, but I think I'd rather be shooting........

For a whole bunch more pictures from the Black Powder Rendezvous, check out the post at KeeWee's Corner.


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