Sunday, August 20, 2006

Yet Another Blog Alert!

KeeWee and I have now survived our day at the Island County Fair. We manned the booth for our Fishin' Club for several hours while we were there. KeeWee has some pictures posted if you'd like to see what the fair was all about. We got a chance to visit with some folks we only see once a year at the fair, which is kinda fun.

Right across from our Fishin' Club booth was a booth full of "save a tree for the gay whales and Children" moonbats. One of the highlights was watching a somewhat elderly rock-ribbed conservative friend of mine walk in to their booth to "Visit". I pointed out the situation to KeeWee and we both enjoyed watching the moonbat's face get redder and redder, then sort of a purplish maroon color as Don kept "pushing the hot-buttons". I was starting to worry that she was going to explode kinda like the alien did in the first Men in Black movie! Just short of detonation Don smiled innocently and walked from her booth. The Guy's a pro!

Anyhow, today (Sunday) will be another busy day, with the morning spent at the CWSA range checking out the Black Powder Rendezvous, then this afternoon back to the County Fair to do one more shift in the booth, then tonight we pack up the booth and truck it out and put it back in storage.

Then on Monday, it's back to work.......



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