Sunday, May 28, 2006

e-Postal Match "Walk the Line"

I mentioned a few days ago that the latest e-Postal match called "Walk the Line" is now posted at Carnaby Fudge for your shooting pleasure. This match is a test of how accurately you can shoot along a horizontal and vertical line. Variations to either side of the line are bad, and the closer you can come to forming a perfectly straight line the better.

The target for "Walk the Line"

There is a second part, for bonus points called "Cold Fire" and it brings up an interesting concept. When you are sighting in your rifle, you shoot and adjust until it's shooting where you want. It's also warming up as you are shooting it. When you take your rifle out hunting, it's stone cold when you take that shot at the deer, or whatever you're after.

How many of you go back to the range a few days after sighting it in and re-test it cold, right out of the case? Not everyone, I'll bet!

In the bonus round of this match you must shoot your rifle in a completely cold condition. No warm-ups, nothing!

The "Cold Fire" Target

Here's the classes, something for everybody!

Class 1: Rifles with unmagnified sights and optics.

Class 2: Rifles with magnified optics.

Class 3: Handgun with unmagnified sights and optics.

Class 4: Air Rifle, any optics

Class 5: Joke class. Spitwads, potato canon, paintball, airsoft, sling shot, lawn darts, archery, but no flaming tennis balls (against federal regulations, I kid you not).

For the full set of rules and to download the targets, here's the link.

Participation has been light in the e-Postal matches, particularly the rifle matches. If you all aren't interested in entering these matches, then they will be discontinued. No point putting them on if nobody shoots them.

If you haven't shot one of these so far, maybe it's time to give it a try!


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