Sunday, May 28, 2006

Dan McKown gets a car!

I sure do like writing posts that are good news, rather than bad, and today I've got some good news for you. Dan McKown, who most of you by now know is the fellow who took it upon himself to intervene when a nut case started shooting people in a Tacoma Washington mall last Fall. Although Dan ended up getting shot five times in the process, his intervention probably saved some lives, as no one else was injured. Unfortunately one of the shooter's bullets hit Dan in the spine, and Dan is now confined to a wheelchair.

Because of his injuries, he can no longer drive his car, and must get a different one that can be set up with hand controls. Dan had to give up his regular job due to his injuries, and has a goodly pile of medical bills to boot. Obviously buying a new car was out of the question, or even a good used one.

Here's the good news part: Blade Chevrolet in Mt. Vernon, Washington has donated a 1996 Buick to Dan, free and clear! They even put a good set of tires on it, and filled the tank to the top to get him underway! It that cool or what!!

If I was looking for a new or used Chevy, I guarantee you they'd be the first place I'd call. Definitely a class act, in my opinion!

Speaking of telephoning, the telephone number of Blade Chevrolet is


If you happen to live in Washington, or Oregon, or Ohio, or Texas, or Virginia, or Massachusetts, or Vermont, or wherever, why not just give them a call and thank them for donating the car to Dan McKown. It's even toll free, so why not! I'm sure they are not expecting this, and this will probably make their day!

If you are a blogger, you might just put up a little post and encourage a few more folks to telephone? (hint- hint!)

If you do give them a call, come on back and leave a comment.



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