Friday, May 26, 2006

CWSA Silhouette Match - I Hate Chickens!

Between working, shooting, and getting things set up for the Gun Blogger Rendezvous, I've been getting a little behind in the match-blogging. Last Saturday I shot in a bowling pin match, and figured I'd get a bit caught up on Sunday. However, the weather forcast was for a nice day, and I decided "What the heck!" I'll go shoot the CWSA handgun silhouette match just for fun.

The rimfire silhouette matches at CWSA are more of a target shoot, as speed is not a consideration. You have all the time you need, and more. You shoot at little black outlines of pigs, chickens, rams, and something else, I forget what it is. You can see how often I shoot silhouette!

Each page has five critters on it, and you get three shot strings of five shots to put three holes in each critter for fifteen possible points. Then the target distance is increased and you shoot fifteen more shots at a new page with a different critter. You end up shooting a total of sixty shots. The critters are small and hard to hit.

I got to the match as the rifle portion was just underway, so I took some pictures. Since everyone shoots at the same time, I wasn't able to shoot and take pictures of the handgun match, but it's basically the same.

LouG with his rimfire rifle

Part of the rifle firing line

This young man had a grand time, and even loaded his own magazines. No one 'noticed' that he was shooting from a bench rest...........

When we got to the handgun match, we all hung our first targets and fired away. After the first page, we stopped to total the scores, move the target stand back, and hang the next target page. To my amazement I was only one point behind two really good shooters, both shooting Thompson Contenders, and I was shooting my High Standard bowling pin race gun with an unmagnified red dot sight! Part of my short-lived success was because the first and closest distance was ten yards, and I'm sighted in for 25 feet, so I was pretty close to being sighted for that distance.

As the day progressed and the targets moved farther away, the Thompson's moved farther and farther ahead. In the end I wasn't even very close, but I stayed with them for the first round, anyhow! I even ended up one "critter" ahead of "Evil Al", and that in itself is always fun! He beats up on me often enough it always makes my day when I can sneak past him!

It was a fun day shooting a match I seldom shoot and getting a chance to BS with all the usual suspects..............


At Friday, May 26, 2006 12:32:00 PM, Anonymous LouG said...

Hey Mikee,
That young "Lady" is actually a young boy. Jereth Terry, LindaW's grandson, and I did notice that he was shooting benchrest, but for an 8 year old, I thought it was OK !


At Friday, May 26, 2006 10:20:00 PM, Blogger Mr. Completely said...

Sometimes you just can't tell! Caption corrected. See you in OH tomorrow!

......Mr. C.


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