Friday, May 26, 2006

Blog Alert - Two Matches This Weekend

Blogging will be a little light for a day or so as I'm off bright and early to Oak Harbor for their falling plate match. Just for the heck of it I think I might skip the iron sight rimfire class and shoot my Taurus 66 .357 revolver in the revolver class, if they have a revolver class, of course. I really should shoot it more often as it shoots really nice. I don't shoot it well enough to shoot it accurately double-action, so I'll shoot it single action. Maybe they'll think I'm one of those SASS shooters! (Probably not......)

I'll Shoot the High Standard .22 bowling pin race gun in the optical sight rimfire class for sure. Shooting iron sight rimfire too would make three classes and that's just a bit much, even for a shootin' junkie like me!

On Sunday is the CWSA Steel Challenge match. Steel Challenge is not something I practice, and I really should make an effort to do so, as just about any shooting helps your entire shooting ability, one way or another.

Don't forget to get out and shoot some targets for the e-Postal matches (see the top of this page for info). Entry closes for both matches midnight on Monday.Very few entries have come in so far, so it's wide open for you all to gather up some bragging rights. Not only that, they are both fun and challenging targets.

Go for it!


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