Sunday, May 07, 2006

Blogger Blastorama at Sam's

Saturday morning started out way too early for me, but any morning that starts before 10am. is to early as far as I'm concerned. "Night People" trying to function in the morning is not a pretty sight, but I digress.

I jumped into my little Japanese motorized shopping cart and drove to Clinton to board the Washington State Ferry to get "Over to America".

I was one of the first cars loaded, so I was up near the bow, and I would be able to get some limited radio reception to keep me amused, informed, and awake for the 20 minute crossing to Mukilteo. (NOTE: is an Indian word for "Place where white man's boats attempt to destroy docks by ramming into them.")

First radio station: Some enviro-loon on NPR ranting about how the big oil companies in Louisiana were so greedy that they were destroying all of the wetlands at an alarming rate. No mention that they were providing jobs that allowed people to make a living so they could actually live in Lousiana.......


New age pan flute music.......


Some quasi-sports jock interviewing a little league pitcher about little league pitching......


Polka music? SHEEESHH!


A left-wing shock-jock ranting about how the radical right-wing reactionary radio personalities like Rush and Sean Hannity were going to ruin our country........


Another NPR clone going on about how much better place the U.S. is because of the brave "Migrants" that come here from Mexico. Somehow the word "Illegal" never was mentioned........


I gave up and turned it off, as the boat was almost docked.

Off the boat, and on towards breakfast!

Washington State Ferry "Kitsap"

We gathered at the S. Everett, Washington IHOP for a hearty breakfast and lots of good and spirited conversation over the breakfast table. After thoroughly stuffing myself with eggs, pancakes, and sausage, I was about ready for a morning nap, but not today.

A little over a mile from the IHOP was Sam's Gun Shop and Range, and that was our next stop.

I think the pictures pretty much tell the story!

Let's see: Never shot a High Standard before, never used a red dot sight before. A little more practice on her part and I will absolutely refuse to tell her where and when the CWSA pin shoots are held!

Looks pretty well satisfied with the target! That'd sure ruin some bad guy's day......

AnalogKid reloading his new Ruger Mk. II-10 iron sight gun.

We all took turns shooting various handguns. I got a chance to try a baby Glock which I had never shot before. I did better than I expected to do. Not one round into either the floor or the ceiling.

I also got a chance to try one of the 9mm. Hi Point pistols. Are there better 9mm's. Yep! But it worked well, and is a whole lot of gun for the money.

I may pick up one of them one of these days and give it a good evaluation. It really didn't shoot that bad, although the trigger sucked pretty badly. A little polishing might do wonders, we'll see...

After several hours of determined "Brass Emptying" we packed up our gear and headed out, but not before taking a few minutes to browse through Sam's gun shop.

I loaded up the car and headed back to the ferry dock for the ride back to Whidbey Island. On to the boat, and off we went.

I left the radio off..........


At Monday, May 08, 2006 8:23:00 AM, Anonymous chris said...

Got to get yourself a satellite radio. Much better station selection, reception anywhere.


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