Monday, January 30, 2006

Limcat Glare Shield for C-More Sight

The Limcat Glare Shield mounted on a C-More red dot sight

Back in October, or thereabouts, I changed to a C-More red dot sight on my High Standard Supermatic Citation bowling pin race gun, and almost immediately I discovered that there is a major problem with glare if you are shooting towards the sun.

Much of the problem stems from sunlight reflecting off of the face of the diode module and shining onto the main "lens" of the sight, making it nearly impossible to even see through it, let alone see the red dot.

Here's the three posts so far on the C-More sight, for some background reading:

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There are now a couple of people manufacturing glare shields for the C-More sights. After a little research, it appears that the Limcat glare shield is machined out of Delrin, while the other ones look like they are injection molded out of plastic. The probably both do the job, but I think the Limcat looks more nicely made, and after all, if JJ Racaza likes Limcat stuff, that's good enough for me!

Installation SHOULD be a simple matter of removing two allen screws, lifting off a little plastic plate, putting the glare shield in its place, and replacing the screws with the two longer ones provided with the glare shield. The glare shield has a thin lip that goes over the top of the diode housing, probably to further shield out unwanted light.

Unfortunately the diode housing was about .030 too high for the glare shield to fit down all the way. A little flat file work lowered the top of the diode module slightly, and then everything fit up perfectly. It looks like it belongs there.

Since we haven't seen much sun here in the Seattle are in a couple of months, it's been hard to really see how much improvement it made, but so far, it seems to have made a major improvement.

There are still a couple of other mod's I'm going to try too, but it looks like Limcat has got the solution for most of the problem.

If you notice in the photo, you'll see my mod to the dot intensity knob. From the factory there is no way to visually tell if the sight is on or off, since there's no mark or pointer on the intensity knob to reference. The little arrow also serves as a reminder to remember to turn it off when I'm through shooting.


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