Monday, October 24, 2005

Brazilian Gun Owners Win BIG!

In spite of the efforts of the Brazilian Anti-Gunners, the nationwide vote on an outright ban on guns has failed by a huge 64% to 36% margin.

That's not just a "squeaker", that's a major league message to the gun banners. It's also a message to any politician who starts sounding too "Anti-Gun" that you might just get voted out at the next election.

What's a lot of fun is reading the anti-gunners in the media trying to explain how this vote could have gone so far wrong!

Here's some excerpts (in bold and enclosed in quotation marks) from the AP story run in the BBC. (Original story HERE).

"The 'No' campaign portrayed the referendum in terms of civil rights"

Gee, now that Brazil has restored democracy in their country, you'd think they'd be running to the polls to vote away their civil rights!

"In explaining the outcome, credit must first be given to the "No" campaign, which mounted a slick but simple critique of the proposed gun ban."

The vote outcome had nothing to do with facts about guns and crime, it was all about the slick campaign run by those gun wackos!

It (the "No" campaign) portrayed the referendum in terms of civil rights, claiming that the government wanted to take away the right of people to choose how best to defend themselves.

Civil Rights? Why would Brazilians want those?

It (the "No" campaign) argued that, even if Brazilians did not want a gun, they should defend their right to buy one.

Now there's a slick and sneaky argument if I ever heard one! Those gun wackos are obviously a bunch of weasels!!

Next, and crucially, the "No" campaign made the point that criminals do not buy guns legally in shops, where customers are subject to strict background checks. Instead, it pointed to the extensive black market in smuggled weapons, arguing that clandestine firearms would remain untouched by a ban on legal sales. As a result, millions of voters reached the conclusion that a ban would leave criminals heavily armed, and honest citizens without a lawful means of self-defence.

.......but ......but ..... but ..... Guns Are EEEEVILLLLL!!!!! (sheeeesh!)

So the gun banners got theirs butts kicked, and yet the media has to get in one last snide dig:

"Brazil is proud of its recently-restored democracy. And rightly or wrongly, the Brazilian people have spoken."

Give me a break! The Brazilians aren't a bunch of stone age bozos! Brazil is a well educated, modern, industrialized country, and once the facts were presented, they had no trouble waking up and smelling the coffee.........



At Tuesday, October 25, 2005 8:23:00 AM, Blogger The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Great fisking, Mr. C.
And a wonderful story, too!

Yay! Freedom!!!


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