Thursday, October 20, 2005

Courteous but WRONG

I few days ago I was one of the first to post about Sgt. Ron Long and his blog "They Call Us, "DOC", regarding the "staged" interview with the president.

Sgt. Long has continued with his blogging efforts, and his ENTIRE BLOG is worth reading from end to end.

The following post I have taken the liberty of borrowing in it's entirety. Normally I would just grab a couple of quotes, but this is so good I want you all to read it from end to end.

You should carry a copy of this email, and Sgt. Long's replies at all times, and the next time you hear someone bleat that they support the troops but not the war, read this to them.

From Sgt Long's post:
Here's an email that I got today, along with my reply:

Mr. Long -

I am 100% against the Iraq war but I have always been pro-military.

1) Do you believe the Iraqi people want us there?

2) Do you truly think they're better off now than they were 3 years ago?

3) In the absence of a specific threat to the US, did we have any right to invade Iraq, more than Saddam had a right to invade Kuwait?

4) Are the insurgents really "terrorists", or are they Iraqis defending their own country from a foreign invasion?

Looking forward to hearing from you.



You can't have your cake and eat it too. It's ridiculous to tell us that you're behind US but you're not behind our mission or the job that we're doing. What good is that to us? It's NOTHING to me.

1) Yes...Just ask them ('re not here, that's right)

2) Yes...Just look around ('re not here, I forgot)

3) Not even worthy of answering since you're wrong about the specific threat

4) Yes...Just speak to the insurgents and you'll see that many are not Iraqi (silly me...I keep forgetting that you're not here and that you must rely on the MSM for daily dose of informational bull)

(And if you were here, seeing what we see and hearing the stories from the Iraqi people like we do, you might see the light also)


posted by SGT Ron Long | 21:36
For the entire post on Sgt. Long's blog, click here.


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