Sunday, November 01, 2009

On The Shuttle Bus

A short conversation on the shuttle bus from Whidbey Island to the airport:

Guy From Ireland: "So, where are you headed to?"

Me: "I'm flying to Prescott, Arizona for a pistol match."

GFI: (With superior tone) "We've gotten rid of all the handguns in Ireland!"

Me: "You'll probably have better luck if you get rid of the criminals instead."

.......... Silence ..............

(End of conversation)


At Sunday, November 01, 2009 5:17:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny how some people react to a better idea ....


At Sunday, November 01, 2009 6:58:00 PM, Blogger TrueBlueSam said...

Wow! You never miss, do you!?

At Monday, November 02, 2009 7:04:00 AM, Blogger Chris Byrne said...

Never mind the fact that GFI is an idiot, he's also wrong.

A few years back they legalized pistols again; and a thriving competitive pistol culture germinated.

Unfortunately, the minister for justice was alarmed by this, and a few months back put onerous registration and storage requirements back on handgun owners. Then he said 'we have killed the burgeoning handgun culture in our country" or some other such twaddle.

At Monday, November 02, 2009 2:45:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great retort, Mr. C!


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